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I help run a coupon site online. Yeah.. just like the tv show!
I help run a coupon site online. Yeah.. just like the tv show!



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(snagged from a friend's FB) 

Science is so cool.

Covering yourself in hagfish slime may not sound like the smartest thing to do… But researchers from Canada’s University of Guelph have discovered that it’s actually not such a bad idea.

The hagfish (which isn’t really a fish in the conventional sense) is a living fossil. It has undergone little to no evolution in the past 300 million years. It has an interesting and effective defence mechanism that can repel even sharks. When threatened, it releases large quantities of protein. This protein, when released into the water, forms threads that turn the immediate environment of the hagfish thick and gooey. The slime, which “smells like dirty sea water”, according to one of the researchers, deters predators from attacking the hagfish.

The researchers have found that the protein threads can be isolated from the slime (via the removal of water and mucous). The protein threads themselves are categorized as ‘intermediate filaments’. Each thread is 100 times smaller than a single human hair. These fine threads can be woven to create fabric that’s as strong as nylon or plastic. With more research, these fabrics can even be used to make clothes! Hagfish produce large amounts of slime in mere seconds. The mere efficiency of this process grants it an advantage over harvesting silk from silkworms. Furthermore, the material is much more sustainable than artificial fibers like nylon and polyester. In the words of the head researcher, Atsuko Negishi, “This work is just the beginning of our efforts to apply what we have learned from animals like hagfishes to the challenge of making high-performance materials from sustainable protein feedstocks.”

The next challenge would be to make the process feasible on an industrial scale. It’s unlikely that slime will be directly harvested from the hagfish in large amounts. Alternatively, the slime-making genes might be transplanted into bacteria, which can be cultured to provide the slime on a much larger and more feasible scale.

Read all about it:

Also, do read:

A video of a hagfish oozing slime:

Image source:

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80 years later, the original Gerber baby

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Hobbit LEGO: The Goblin King Battle

Of course the upcoming Hobbit movie An Unexpected Journey means only one thing. Hobbit LEGO sets! And one of the most impressive looking ones is The Goblin King Battle which includes, some of the dwarves, Gandalf, Goblins and the huge Goblin King!

Check out this review of the set by

It looks pretty sweet, but it's going to set you back $99.99 unless you find it on sale somewhere after it's released.

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Almost forgot about the Firefly special on the Science channel tonight.
Set your DVR's.  Shiny!

#firefly   #serenity   #browncoats  

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Secret Santa 2012 starts today!
Share this post so we can collect as many lists as possible!

HO HO HO! It's good to back! Last year Secret Santa only lasted for less than a month and were able to collect over 1,000 lists! Your generosity and compassion giving gifts to the Google+ community made holidays better last year. Today I'm happy to announce that my elves and I start collecting your Amazon wishlists into our master list. It's easy to create a list! The hardest part is deciding what to put on it ;)

Just follow these simple steps:
1) Create your public wishlist on Amazon:
2) Add your list to the form:

Once added you can continue to edit your list. We'll share everyone's list with you on November 19th! We suggest waiting to share your list until then so people have the holidays in mind ;) Remember, I'm not Secret Santa, you are.

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The power of the human mind
Kudos to this guy!


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Perfect Advice!
*Want To See The Magic of Google Plus - Version 5*

New to Google Plus? Not quite sure you 'get it' yet? Use other networks like Twitter or Facebook? Make a commitment to spend 15 minutes that you would spend on those sites, here on Gplus for 2 weeks. In those 15 minutes do these following 4 steps. Anyone who actually does these things will love it here and can never say "it's dead". Try it. I Dare you. 

1. Create Yourself - Fully Complete your Profile. Post a photo of yourself, people like talking to other people. Decide which interests you would like to focus on, on G+. Pick some Hobbies, Work, General Categories etc. Think things like Photography, Geek, Tech, Android Fan, Tv shows you like, Your Career(Real estate agent, Tech Support, Business Owner), Art, Gaming, Wine Lover, Cat person Or the City You Live In. People can quickly scan and determain that you might have some stuff in common and then easily circle you back. Spend a few moments on this. Seriously. 

2. Create Public Posts Often - Those interests you picked in Step 1? Post about them daily. Make sure the post are Public and not limited to your circles, otherwise no one will see it. Find interesting articles to share, you tube videos, pictures and make posts about them. Make sure some is 'your own' not just reshares of others. Use pictures. Google Images is a good source. G+ likes pictures. 

3. Follow Others - Find other people who have similar interest as you and circle them first. Go up to the search bar and type in those interests you picked in step 1. Game of thrones, Web development, wine, zombies, Michael Jackson. People here are fans and they are talking about it. Circle up at least 500 People. 1000 is still golden. Look for some circle shares to add groups of people easily. There are tons of circle shared linked in my profiles about section( These people you are circling will likely all be strangers. Get over that. You do NOT need to know people in real life to talk about Iphones or Cooking, but you can have a great conversation. Perhaps even better than with local 'real life friends'. Try it.

4. Engage others - Go up and down your stream right now and Reshare neat things, comment, click the link, read the story, comment on other peoples comments or mention others who might like that post. +1s generally mean you read it and agree. Do that too.. but most prefer to you to comment on their post in some way. Try and make comments better than "lol" but engage other people in some way. Remember to mute the post if the conversation is not interesting to you anymore with the drop down arrow at the top right of every post.

Rinse and Repeat steps 2, 3, 4 daily for best results. This will take some time to get started, but its fun. But do it regularly with those 15 minutes and You can make connections that will completely change your life. Google Plus is a truly amazing website if you follow these steps. Make it yours.


*The people who tend to not 'get' Google Plus*
1) Don't have a completed public profile
2) Post once every 2 weeks (what would your Twitter look like if you tweeted once every 2 weeks?) You don't need to stop using the other sites you use, but you DO need to spend some time here, regularly.
3) Broadcast only - Never talk to anyone else here and expect people to be clicking their stories and commenting on their stuff when there is a HUGE stream of information going by.

Gplus is VERY give and take. Spend a few moments developing relationships with the above steps and you WILL have people visiting your blog without you asking/self promoting. Promise.


Please share with your circles and new friends on G+.

#gplustips #ghosttown #googleplustips #magicofgplus

What a crazy long day I've been having!

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Totally teared up. The world is an amazing and frustrating place.
It's a 10 minute video, but please watch it! Carly is an autistic teen that was diagnosed as retarded and couldn't talk. At 11 she learned to type and they were shocked at how well developed her communication was! Turns out, she has a perfectly intelligent mind that's trapped in a body she can't control.This brings a whole new dimension to autism. 

It amazes me what we're capable of, the wide range of just being human. The deep love and support from her father and the joy they all gained at not giving up.

Here's her blog:

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