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Saturday... time to look at pictures of cats and watch the Dawgs! Sic' em, boys!!!

Ben Affleck owes me $1.62 for renting "Superman vs Batman." Worst movie I have seen in years. Do not bother watching this vile POS movie and wasting the time watching it. Seriously. Worse than... I do not even have anything to compare it to. It is just that bad. I cannot think of a movie I would rather not see again, than this piece of crap.

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Hey ya'll, enjoy this lil' video that reminds me of old "friends".

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I often find that people have a hard time accepting Genesis because of the six days of creation and the age of the world.

This was a movie recommended by a reverend to me based on that argument. Both science and the bible are correct! The movie is pretty good (long though) and the science is amazing. I thought people here might benefit from it too. Let me know what you think! 

So I have a serious question; why is it that some people think if you believe in a deity you must be ignorant? I'm curious.

Personally I've met some fairly stupid religious and non-religious folk. I just go ahead and believe anyone I meet is mostly retarded until they prove otherwise.

Good morning to you all! Thanks for having me. I look forward to conversing with you. :-)

...sigh. So I come back after a short hiatus (mostly due to a broken computer) to see more of the religion hating majority posting nonsense about concepts they don't seem to understand. (Not necessarily here, just thought this was a good place for this kinda thing)

For those of you who don't know it I am a Christian, and consider myself a fairly intelligent and logical one at that. I joined my church not too long ago. It's a small place, maybe 50 or so members, and struggling. Our congregation could be the "island of misfit toys (err, humans)" because everyone there seems to have a story, and not a pretty one.

However, we feed the homeless. Not just once a week. We also cloth the needy. I spent my day sorting clothes and will likely be taking over that aspect and opening the doors so that anyone who needs anything can walk off the street and get it. We are also building a shelter type place for people who are struggling to get back on their feet. 

I am unemployed, but this I can do for my fellow man.  

My point is not to sit here and shout out that I am holier than thou and you are going to burn for not believing the same way I do. My point is, that one little church, very little church with very caring people do these things. Not because we have to, but because it's right. No-one who walks off the street, whether or not they choose to attend is turned away. We don't ask whether or not you believe in God when you come in. We do tell you to have a blessed day on the way out, but that's the way we are.

It's real easy to sit around blaming the ills of society on religion. It's equally as easy to find stories just like the one I just told.

And for those of you who argue science vs religion: the two can coexist and do. Part of our Sunday school lesson this week was validating both the scientific view of creation and the biblical version. If you want to get into that I will be happy to elaborate.  

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"It sucks to be me. It sucks to be me. It sucks to be broke and unemployed and turning 33; it sucks to be me!"

Thanks to all my well-wishers today, online and irl! 

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Dear teenagers,
         Please look up the definition of the words funny and joke. Some of you seem to be missing the point of this community. 

                                                                    Those of us who are tired of chain letters and cheesy fake posts that look like something that horrid creature who wrote "Twilight" made up.




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