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Theresa Krout
A Halakah (walk) with God. What does that mean?
A Halakah (walk) with God. What does that mean?

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We can destroy sin before it grows if we recognize and remove it.

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The nature of sin
Romans 7:15-25 Paul explores the frustration of everyone who has ever failed to live up to God's commands. As Yeshua put it "The spirit indeed is eager but the human nature is weak." (Matt 26:41) Similarly the Talmud states:"At first sin is like an occasi...

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Apply Token of Faith to Gain Freedom
URGENT MESSAGE: God is telling us that He has an urgent
message. WE ARE IN BONDAGE. He has heard our cries. Those who
"apply the TOKEN OF FAITH" around all "sides of their HOME"
will be "Passed over". First we are IN BONDAGE in three ways: Those who do not ...

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Roe V Wade
V Wade was a scam from the beginning! Just a way to manipulate many
into believing they should fight for a right that God never gave them.
Go to Wikipedia and see for yourself how this woman went from victim to
Christian and how we need to take ba...

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God of Wonderful Creations

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Late night discovery of Spring and Gods creation 4-9-17
I was waiting for my husband to get home last night from work. It was
just after 9 pm. The moon was out and I could see a few stars peeking
through the clouds. The temperature was amazingly warm and the frogs
were announcing the beginning of spring! Wh...

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Whisper of the Holy Spirit
 Barb Pecha posted this:   The mere whisper of the Holy Spirit  can drown out the thundering noise  of an entire world.    David Jeremiah I
am listening. It took 40 years for me to open my ears to what He
wanted to say. It took my heart to really seek t...

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Screen doors between us and God.

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Screen Doors!
through screen a door? Heard this expression the other day and then
God gave me a word picture. Do we live our lives with screen doors
between us and God? Image the screen doors are: sin, doubt, anger,
pain and false teachings. Imagine we have...

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Betrayal, anger, Gods Annointed feast- Passover! Bringing Freedom
Betrayal. A very serious sin in Gods eyes. Betrayal in your
relationship with Him or your relationship with your spouse (marriage
contract) grieves the heart of God. Sin can not be in the presence
of God. So if we are struggling with ANGER and we do no...
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