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7 Weeks - Habit & Goal Tracker

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I will only be happy when all the Final Fantasy games are on Android.

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Reshare this post so we can test the new Google+ Ripples! The more reshares, the more interesting the graph.

So please, everyone reshare.

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I am all in when it comes to digital media, I cannot think of any better way to reduce clutter in my life than by moving all my music, movies and photos to the cloud (or at least on a few 2tb drives). I buy most of my music through DRM free outlets, Amazon being the prime example followed by my most recent favorite: But I'm old enough to still be in love with some physical media, I buy Vinyl and books pretty often and can't see that stopping any time in the near future. I love the feel and the smell and the sound of vinyl. It's so comfortable, like that throw that someone gave to you for your birthday when you were a kid and you still use to keep warm on the couch.

As for music services, I cannot get behind any service that requires me to advertise to continue to use the service. So I'm watching ads and sharing links to products with the intent on keeping the music going? That digital prostitution. I'm no longer sharing things I like just because I like them, I'm sharing them because I want something in return. How do you gauge how much your "friend" "likes" something when they may just be pushing that product to keep the music flowing for them? That's a violation of my trust and I would never do that to someone else. My endorsements are free, they come from my heart. If I push a song or a book or movie, I'm doing it because I really love it...not because I need another fix.

That being said this +Steven Levy article is pretty damn good, hence the reason why I'm pushing it on you. Hopefully he will keep letting me read his articles even though I don't want anything in return.
I've been following the digital music revolution -- a messy one to be sure -- for quite some time. Here's my Wired take on why Social might change things. It includes a cast of characters including Mark Zuckerberg, Daniel Ek, Sean Parker and Trent Renzor, who supplies my favorite quote, " “I don’t care what my friends are listening to,” he said. “Because I’m cooler than they are.”

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It's sad to see the ZuneHD hardware being discontinued. The ZuneHD was a day one purchase for me and the hardware has been some of the best I have ever owned. The software although rough at first developed into one of the better user experiences I have had since drag & drop Creative Zen players. I will probably never buy another standalone media player after this one.

R.I.P. ZuneHD
My ZuneHD
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Check out this amazing site that lists the Best in SF/Fantasy. I've already picked out a few to add to my "to read" pile. If you are on Hacker News help Adam out and give it an upvote!

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I have spent all morning playing the Battlefield 3 Beta on Xbox. I'm beyond justifications at this point but I really enjoy the game. With any luck I'll be picking it up at the end of October.

The Amazon Fire (Oh and the new Kindle too)

Today Amazon announced it's new tablet: The Fire (insert jokes here). It's a pretty snazzy looking device that really only accomplishes one thing, it serves Amazon content (books, music, videos) directly to it's consumers no PC needed. Unfortunately that is all it does. With no 3G, GPS or access to an official android market it will always be a niche device. The technolust is still there for me, I want one for sure. But really just to play with it...I can see this sitting on a shelf in about 3 months unless it can be jailbroken.

The new multitouch Kindles are a nice addition though, with price points that put them in the range of impulse buys. I can see myself picking up one of these as the holidays approach. I've always wanted an E-Ink device and this is a pretty painless way to pump into the ebook arena.

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October 31st 1991. I remember this show, vividly. I was a scraggly flannel wearing teenager standing in line to enter the Paramount. I had paid for these tickets with the last of the money I made that year in Alaska fishing. I remember being packed in like sardines, but enjoying every minute of every song. This was our band, playing in our city, for us. MTV couldn't have them, they were ours.

It's hard to imagine that it has been 20 years since then.

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This new series on is pretty well done. I'll be watching every week for sure. Web series sure have grown up in in the last few years.
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