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Minor point of fact about me.

I'm not here to change your mind, it's yours, you own it, enjoy it. I'm having a conversation from a different point of view.

Now if the questions I ask make you wonder about or rethink your position THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. How do you know what you believe if you never question it? Some of the best conversations come between people who don't agree, why because there is a reason to listen. If I already know what is about to be said why pay attention, I already know it. And if you are honest with yourself you know you are the same way. 

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Avengers: Age of Ultron Extended TV SPOT - May 1 (2015) - New Avengers M...:

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LOL! This is as public as my page gets. So if you trying to figure out who I am or what i do, you'll have to start a conversation with me.

I don't do: drama, bullshit, or stalkers. I'm a grown ass man and I could give a fuck about your feelings, priorities, or moral dilemmas. If it ain about feeding me, fucking me or getting my dick sucked I ain got time. And I don't eat everyone's food, ain just sliding into anybody, and if ya grill fucked up the dick is staying in my pants.

Get it got good, good day pumpkins

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The panel I was talking about

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Piggy backing off +Mari Thomas in case you were wondering exactly how credible you can treat Fox News: BEFORE Obama was the candidate/president/"PROBLEM" this is what they had to say about who or what effects the price of Gasoline

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Mine are +Melony Isaac +Donyé Robinson +Rachel C +Wysdom Manson +Lis Risi +Klassic B +MarCya X +Tatiana Tomika +SHI JACKSON +Shadé Grazette Via +Queen Jeanene +Tamara Curtis +Sean Schmidt you know what damn near everybody I have circled has done this so via all of yall. My next 10 are pretty awesome too some are even legendary status
via +Morgaine LeFaye

Who does G+ think your most relevant matches are?

Try this:
1. Click the Circles button above (between the Profile and Games buttons).
2. Click on "Your circles (XXXX)" under the red CREATE CIRCLE button.
3. Look to the right and select "Relevance" from the drop-down sort menu.4. Now, list in a comment your top ten relevant people (not pages).

+Florian Rohrweck +William Brine +Ralph Samuel Kennedy +Moritz Tolxdorff +Alessandro Mencarini +Samantha Villenave +Daria Musk +Maya Posch +Folletto Folletto +Tim Clary

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Let's try to do an experiment: If you're an Android fan, SHARE this post and mention one or two other Android fans.

Maybe we can map a mini ANDROID GRAPH!

We'll start with +Ashley Esqueda and our very own +Esteban Contreras. Go!
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