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Brace yourselves, Firefox 31 has implemented a Generational Garbage Collector, you can forget about memory leaks and heap expanding without limits! :D
  #firefox #finally  

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#Firefox +Mozilla Firefox  I believe that some attention should be given to the memory usage while keeping open any websites that dynamically updates the DOM. If you profile any web page which uses this approach for the addiction/removal of contents you'll notice that the usage of memory constantly increase over the time, and with it also the CPU usage and the system responsiveness. Try to keep the Facebook page open of few hours and track the memory usage, you'll notice that it constantly increase. This may be the symptom that elements removed from the DOM aren't correctly handled by the garbage collector.

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+elementary I've been using Gnome 3.8.2 on Fedora 19 for two days now, there are some serious performance improvements in it's code. Consider implementing it in #elementaryos .

+Fedora Project I've opened Schrödinger's Cat box through FedUp. The cat is alive and kicking!

#fedora19 #Fedora #Linux #fedoraproject #fedoralinux  

+Opera I would ask for an official statement regarding the current state of the Opera Browser for desktops development.
As a user and developer, I would like to know what are going to be the implications of adopting Blink. What kind of legacy services Opera is going to bring? Will Opera adopt also the V8 Javascript Engine or you would keep Carakan? They have a very different JS Compliance and, as a developer, I'm interested into knowing if I should keep testing my JS code into the latest version of Opera brower, or just move to another technology.
#opera   #operabrowser   #browsers   #webkit   #blink   #v8   #v8_engine   #carakan   #presto  

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