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Brace yourselves, Firefox 31 has implemented a Generational Garbage Collector, you can forget about memory leaks and heap expanding without limits! :D
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+elementary I've been using Gnome 3.8.2 on Fedora 19 for two days now, there are some serious performance improvements in it's code. Consider implementing it in #elementaryos .
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figo figo, ogni volta che ne parlo con te di fedora me lo fai rivalutare :) il prossimo è debian poi forse ripasso su fedora ;)
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+Opera I would ask for an official statement regarding the current state of the Opera Browser for desktops development.
As a user and developer, I would like to know what are going to be the implications of adopting Blink. What kind of legacy services Opera is going to bring? Will Opera adopt also the V8 Javascript Engine or you would keep Carakan? They have a very different JS Compliance and, as a developer, I'm interested into knowing if I should keep testing my JS code into the latest version of Opera brower, or just move to another technology.
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From what I've read around the traps Opera's financial status isn't so great.  I'll be curious as to what they do next.  At this point they are concentrating on suing a developer. ;)
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Il grande bipolarismo sta per tornare. Bersani vuole proporre una coalizione pronta a votare un programma condiviso, uscendo quindi dall'area del PD, per vincere le elezioni: "L'ultima volta che non si siamo alleati con nessuno ha vinto Berlusconi". A destra si cerca di ricompattare le forze moderate e non, anche loro intenti a formare un carretto più capiente degli avversari, perchè "Non possiamo lasciare l'Italia in mano ai comunisti/sinistra". Siamo tutti rincoglioniti di mattina, ammettiamolo. Eppure sento che in quelle dichiarazioni c'è qualcosa che proprio non va. Voglio dire: perchè mai dovrei votare qualcuno perchè non è qualcosa? La trovo una cosa ridicola, cosa pensereste se, conoscendo una persona, questa vi dicesse: "Piacere, non sono Marco". Ancora una volta, non vengono più offerte nè ideologie nè progetti concreti per ottenere voti. Non so se è peggio il leader della coalizione di centrosinistra, che dopo 20 anni di opposizione ha, ancora, il coraggio di alzare le spallucce e dire che ci sono proggetti in fase di studio (a meno di due mesi dalle elezioni), oppure il leader/"ancora non si sa" del centro destra, che dopo il governo dei ricatti/interessi, cerca il "dialogo" con la Lega (ancora!?). Prendono gli italiani per un branco di scemi, interessati solo al calcio, al gioco dei pacchi, ai reality ed Uomini e Donne, e magari è pure vero, triste a dirlo. Guai poi se dici che non voterai, tu qualunquista antipolitico che non sei altro. Vista l'alternativa, credo addirittura che il qualunquista antipolitico sia comunque meglio del cieco bandierato, che voterà per sempre e fino alla morte lo stesso partito senza chiedersi perchè e per come.
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#Firefox +Mozilla Firefox  I believe that some attention should be given to the memory usage while keeping open any websites that dynamically updates the DOM. If you profile any web page which uses this approach for the addiction/removal of contents you'll notice that the usage of memory constantly increase over the time, and with it also the CPU usage and the system responsiveness. Try to keep the Facebook page open of few hours and track the memory usage, you'll notice that it constantly increase. This may be the symptom that elements removed from the DOM aren't correctly handled by the garbage collector.

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+Fedora Project I've opened Schrödinger's Cat box through FedUp. The cat is alive and kicking!

#fedora19 #Fedora #Linux #fedoraproject #fedoralinux  
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My Opera wishlist for 2013. On all platforms: * - Remove the old and deprecated bittorrent support. * - Substitute the mail client with a web-based one. * - Fix HWA bugs to give us a better browser ex...
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This article shows some aspects of the actual   #Linux    scenario we should be aware of. Application development and delivery is still a serious problem, considering all of those Linux distribution with very different software sources. I still believe that many of those efforts should be spent into making a leading, open, standard-shared platform, and this is still far from happening. #elementaryos  is a great effort made by a very limited number of people on how much is important to ship not just a distribution, but a whole platform which focuses on usability and personality. But this is not enough. We have the best open source software that hardly work well together, because they are developed separately, not following a leading direction.
GNOME OS. Likely the first thought is that we're trying to replace your beloved distribution, whatever you might use. But actually GNOME OS is meant as a reference to rely on, either by people interested in developing GNOME (including existing developers), but also people who want to develop applications for GNOME.

Want to know more? See the article Techradar wrote about GNOME OS.
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Informatics Engineering student. Developing and designing software with technologies like: C/C++, Java, Python, C#, .Net, Direct3D, OpenGL, Html, Javascript, PHP, SQL.
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