Codebits2012: I can say it out loud, this was definitely the BEST event of my life - EVER!

This was my 2nd year at Codebits and I was already pretty impressed with last year edition, but this year there was a special surprise, Codebits had a special room just for the Hardware guys! It was so brutally awesome that I was there for almost all the event! There were some excellent workshops running (Arduino, soldering+electronics, RaspberryPi Hands-On with +Rob Bishop, 3D printing object creation software, etc), but there was a lot more then just workshops, the room was full different hardware projects such as this Arcades , Altlab Hackerspace presence, InMotion electronic hardware company selling RaspberryPis, Arduinos, etc (sorry Filipe Valpereiro for stilling your desk - it was for a good cause),  and last but not least, the +Ultimaker stand with +Erik de Bruijn showing the 3D Printer doing it's magic!

My friend +dinis miguel has accepted +Erik de Bruijn challenge to assemble the +Ultimaker 3D Printer during the event, and he successfully completed after 10 hours of pure joy and fun!

I had this wonderful experience of being able to test an opensource project that I'm starting with a real 3D printer and had +Erik de Bruijn to help me understand better what are the needs of the 3D community, all this in Erik's short available time (yes, his stand was very crowded, almost impossible to reach him, but eventually we did).

And this was just a part of all the good stuff that was happening on the main space, lots of projects happening, excellent talks, badges hunting quests, networking with very important guys from some of the best web/software development companies, etc!

Now, I left the best part for the end ;)

Me and my friend Dinis have won an +Ultimaker 3D printer! OMG, how awesome! We can now continue to do our opensource project and test it on  this nice printer! Thank you +Erik de Bruijn, and also a big big thanks to the +Codebits for making this possible! I'm still not in myself, it was just 3 days, but so many things happened, it was really a privilege to participate!

So, what's next! Get things ready for next year codebits edition and show our project!
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