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Ignis Studios
Austin, TX indie game company building meaningful games.
Austin, TX indie game company building meaningful games.

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Lauren's thoughts on this past weekend's Ludum Dare. Here's a pro tip: Sleep is overrated, for a while, at least.

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We are preparing for tonight's Ludum Dare! 72 hours of nonstop game development! Got some sleep, vitamins, and coffee! Let's do this thing! #welovegamedevs

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Finally! Mosaic:A Lights Out Game has been published to iOS! Go check out our first game! #gamedev #videogames

Hey fans! What are alternative ways to explore a 2D RPG? IE Pokemon free explore, Fire Emblem jump cities... ideas?

So, time for some accountability.

We are a start-up game studio. We are learning everything, from the process of making and completing a video game, to marketing and how to talk to the press, to how to manage bugs... everything.

Deozoa is our dream game. We want it to succeed. We are still working on it, but slowly. Other games like ClockWork and Have Heart have taken precedence simply because we want to learn as much as we can and mess up, so to speak, with those. 

Thank you for being so incredibly patient. We are still very dedicated to Deozoa and hope to have some playable levels in the coming months!

We did it. We signed up with Apple. My adventure has come to a conclusion... Mosaic will be coming out to iOS soon! 

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Just got added to IndieDb! Check us out! We won't tell your significant other. Unless it's your cat. But even then, we won't tell your cat.

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Game jam game jam game jam! Say that 10 times fast... 

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I must have had too much coffee... every time I visit Google and briefly see their octopus, I think it's our game's monster, Singa. It's not even close.... Oh well, I think Singa would win in a fight anyway.

Full day of game design writing, planning, and coding. Not too shabby!
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