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Victor Mireles
Random thoughts from an American living in the corner of America
Random thoughts from an American living in the corner of America

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The Bar Project: An Introduction
Bars get a bad
reputation.    Think about it.  When has anyone recently admitted that they
enjoy going to a bar.  Not a “dive” bar,
not a pub, not a club but just a simple bar that serves drinks, has a jukebox
and maybe serves chips.  Granted, many of
a bad...

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Don't Be that Guy or Girl Part I
Before I start I would like thank you for stopping by for my new endeavor.  Gone are the 5000 word ramblings and in its place is just me, thoughts with no real agenda except a vain attempt to be a bit humorous and that is stretching it to say the least.    ...

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You Ruined it For Everyone. A Quick Reflection
March 2013 This is me
wearing my Boy Scout beret.  I loved
wearing this thing even when I moved from the cool Pacific Northwest to the
searing high desert of central California.  
I made sure I never lost this cap because of one thing, fear.  When I was a k...

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Random Thoughts: Technology and Cats Using Vulgarity
I’m behind the times.  I learned a few days ago my Smartphone has
voice recognition capacity.  It only took
me two years to find this out.  Another
discovery was the ability to run apps to other devices.  My friend Kate did this with her phone and I
was ama...

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The Denials of Truths and the Burden of Knowing
In 1998
I visited San Antonio and learned that some truths carry a burden.  I learned this from the only in depth
conversation I had with my grandfather, Henry Mireles Jr about his time in World
War II.   The man was and still a
wonderful mystery to me.  I ...

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Thank You June
The world tells us we cannot
judge people but it is something that is done every second of the day.  It is this instant judgment that pre...

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