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I am looking forward to the exchange of information within the "LinkedIn for Business Community". (i.e. new here)

As I was reading the content that had been shared by my fellow members, I thought this article, It’s Official, Google Authorship Tag is Dead to be worth sharing.

Whether you own a website or not, consider yourself to be only occasionally active in online discussions and content exchange. The post will hopfully provide you with some benefit.

I hope that you will find the following post interesting. ( :

P.S. Only the "Google Authorship Tag" has been retired and not the element of "Authority" for which the tag was to help support.

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Brick Flooring and "The practical side of using brick"

Today's post should prove of interest by anyone considering brick as a choice fo their next flooring project.

The article shred here, was one recently posted on the Real Thin Brick company blog and focuses on "brick flooring" while also focusing on additional and important considerations concerning the brick you choose for your own brick flooring install.

Questions? Should you have questions regarding our thin brick products or the installation of your thin brick floor?

Call Us…
Real Thin Brick
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 399-4087

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David Freid commented on a post on Blogger.
Simply Google providing the tools that matter to us. Thank You! (again)

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What else may we find down there?

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One of the very best and detailed explanations about Penguin and it's affects on SEO. Watch this and you will most likely learn more about the Penguin which is now a part of Googles "Core Algorithm" and what it does and why your SEO needs to consider every inbound link a suspect?

Personally, I welcome the Penguin update and see it as a friend to the "Real SEO Experts" as I shared in a recent post at LinkedIn.

Hope you find this video useful...

#penguin4   #googlesearch  

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An article worth sharing...

This is one of the most concise and helpful articles I have read about "Content Marketing". Definitely worth a read for those interested...


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