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I Have A Question™

On page 43 of Supergame, first paragraph, it reads "When using the optional cluster adjustment rule..."

Where do I find this rule?

In Supergame, how would you go about creating a character that shares two distinct physical forms a la Captain Marvel/Billy Batson or The Hulk/Bruce Banner?

Asking for a friend.

Supergame 3E is now in my virtual grip! ✊🤓👍

More as the story develops...

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For anybody on the fence about Supergame 3e, here's a thread at (featuring Mr. Bernstein) that gives a really nice overview of the game. I gotta say there's a lot that appeals to me there, in particular that a Supers game should actually emulate comics, which a lot of supers rpgs seem to somehow overlook.

I've been sitting on my hands waiting for 2FT, but I'm really considering picking up Supergame in the meantime.

I'm creating a character with Size Change A) and Density Change A). Do add the Weight multiples together and apply it or apply each separately.

The former seems legit, but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks.

So, I've slowly started cracking into MH and one of the first things that I noticed when going over the powers list was the lack of the old Android and Robot Body powers. I found +Patric Rogers notes about Android Body here, but was wondering if maybe anyone had converted the actual powers to MH.

I'm with you, Patric- I really like those powers and miss them in 3.0. What are the chances, Jeff and/or Jack, of them getting added back into the game, if that's even possible?

On a related note, are NPC robots created using the Vehicle rules?

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Here's my approximation of Centurion, the main baddie from Battle Above the Earth, using the old Fabrica de Herois. I thought it came out rather nicely, if maybe a bit too tropical.

Brett, any word on when the new Two Fisted Tales will be coming out?

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Rapa Nui?

I don't know. What's rapa nui with you?

(here's an "indecipherable" language for you to mess with. Plus, a guest appearance by the legendary Jack Kirby.)

Is there a chance the old V&V comic from Eclipse could get reprinted? I'll bet there are a ton of fans out there that missed out the first time around that would love to see it.
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