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Schedule for May 1 - 5, 2017
Schedule for May 1-5, 2017 Mon., May 1 - Sea Witch by Carol Ann Kauffman An Excerpt Tues., May 2 - VOGUE:  The Fabulous Art of Helen Dryden Wed., May 3 - Sea Witch by Carol Ann Kauffman Reviews and Overview Thurs., May 4 - The Artist Leonid Afremov Fri., Ma...

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Albrecht Durer, German Painter, Engraver, and Mathematician
Albrecht Durer Nuremberg, Germany May 21, 1471 to April 6, 1528     Albrecht Durer was a German painter, engraver, printmaker, and mathematician.  He is viewed by some as the greatest artist of the Northern Renaissance.  He is responsible for many religious...

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Time After Time Updates
Dear Gentle Readers, My Time After Time novels have been updated. The storylines have not changed.  Guidelines in publishing have changed in the past seven years. The two spaces at the end of a sentence in now considered a waste of space in the online world...

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Waiting for Richard by Carol Ann Kauffman -Excerpt
Waiting for Richard Excerpt Location:   Sterling, Ohio “Run!”
said Rita, fear catching in her voice. “Are
you kidding me?” replied Skye.   “I’m too
damn old to run!   Want me to have a heart
attack?   Fall and break a hip?   If some slimy son of a bitch wan...

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Schedule for April 24-29, 2017
Schedule for April 24-28, 2017 Mon., Apr. 24 - Excerpt from Waiting for Richard  by Carol Ann Kauffman Tues., Apr. 25 - Danny McBride's Red Hat Ladies, Yes, Danny, the Musician McBride Wed., Apr. 26 - Time After Time Novel Updates by Carol Ann Kauffman  Thu...

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FREE Today! Lord of Blakeley by Carol Ann Kauffman
Lord of Blakeley by Carol Ann Kauffman FREE Today! The series, TIME AFTER TIME, follows a pair of quintessential lovers, Richard and Nicole, through their lives together, in different places, in different times, with different nam...

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Quilt Artist Carol Bryer Fallert

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The Expressionism Art of Isaac Maimon

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Schedule for April 17-21, 2017
Vision and Verse is the place for art and authors. It's about the new artists and authors of today as well as the established creative minds of the past. It's about inspiration. Schedule for April 17-21, 2017 Mon., April 17 - Happy Fourth  Anniversary,  Vis...
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