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It get's better. Gay men who put their kids on an instant gay men casual sex site GayDar and do other criminal activities praised by Sunrise Australia TV!   Be sure to see the last dailymail UK link! Gay baby sellers admit they are coming to Australia soon! My twitter antics are getting world famous - especially in the TCOT and Right Wing American forums!
@skyhd @pinknews @itvnews @InformationTV @TheParentMakers ALL PROMOTE THE #GAYDADS FLESH TRADE American children to UK/AU/Europe single gay men (pedos?) - admittedly to gays with HIV (see their website #essex Police were informed they admit operating a commercial surrogacy agency using UK surrogates to produce babies for gays mostly on both their websites ( / the that backed up by myself and UK sworn police officers). It is presently illegal in the UK to pay women in commercial surrogacy operations. 2-5 years jail! The cops should shut these criminal homos down! More info (page 2 for the police news) - for updates! BNP: They tweeted their physical address when talking about my imminent death. And Via email CC the Essex Chemsford police, they claimed to hire local police here to kill me, to get my dad in Australia who's 72 years old and as yet zero involvement with police for any crime, and even claims he can pull of an extra-ordinary rendition. See these faggots think they own the world. They also put their kids on dating sites and their history of making death threats is well known before I attempted to expose their pro pedophile behavior! Be sure to check out Richard Stacy McCain (big us blogger)'s first article about them too! Via email CC the police @gaydads Barrie said he supports the actions of a US mainstream media confirmed gay child rape fantasizing pedo taking away my first born child. If he is going around saying stuff like that he shouldn't have kids! (Christopher Bowersox, Convicted Pedophile, Bakersfiled CA Police - see him on child sex offenders registrar and I provided details on his charge sheet for me) Now I find out their @surrogacyUK twitter is plugging GAYDAR the same gay casual sex site - they put pictures of their kids on! So says the Daily Mirror! Remember it's not homophobic to be against those who support gay child fuckers or sexualizing their children! I'm against gay child fuckers - queers that don't go near children are no problem for me just as they are no problem for Putin. Hurt our children or go near them - JAIL! The west should follow Putin. Look where it's going! 
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Have him in circles
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