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If you missed any of the FREE webinars I hosted this month, this is your last weekend to catch up!
PMS the Myth
The Myth of the Independent Woman
Money the Myth

Caution bragging ahead! I just received this email:

"THANK YOU for your webinars!!! I wasn't able to attend live but finally had some down time today (because, of course, I'm scheduled to start tomorrow) to watch your videos.

Well done and very informative! Thank your for being candid and vulnerable. I, for one, will continue to be outspoken about PMS and periods. :) How funny that it's actually found under the definition for taboo. Yay for community and remembering we are not alone. It's great what you're doing!"

I won't be at the farmers market this Sunday, but don't let that stop you from going outside in the sun and eating healthy!

The worst day of the month: planning out all the bills and payment plans. But it's done for March! Tomorrow: taxes part 1.

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If you couldn't make the whole workshop I've got something for you. For 48 hours you can purchase individual classes. This is a one time offer, you've got til Friday!

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I'm also Fermenting a Soda that's made with a Turmeric bug and Apple Cider! Last day to buy at the cheapest price it will ever be!

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So right now I'm experimenting with a Fermented Soda: Stinging Nettles, Cranberries, Lemons, and a Turmeric Bug I'm hoping it comes out rad to share with you guys at the workshop.

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I'm stoked for this workshop! I'm growing some Water Kefir grains, I'm hoping to have enough to give you guys as an extra bonus... fingers crossed! A fellow fermentation nerd told me she feed hers coconut water and they grew like crazy. So guess what I'm doing!

Happy Saturday!!! I'm in Syracuse making some yummy #vegan #glutenfree foods for my nieces wedding! I can't believe she's getting married tomorrow!

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Things that were (and still can be) fermented: Sauerkraut, kimchi, ketchup, soy sauce, miso, mustard, tempeh, kvass, kombucha, rootbeer, BEER, gingerbeer, tofu, tea, bread, eggs, meat, WINE, all of the veggies, fruit, chutney, hot sauce, grass soda, milk kefir, water kefir, yogurt, cheese, rice, every culture in the world has a booze, pickles, cod liver oil, curtido, dosa, injera (the 'bread' you get at ethiopian places), sour cream...
I could keep going!
So if you want to learn just the tip of this iceberg sign up here:
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