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Technically speaking  Type 1 civilization with a power output of about 4×1012 W, i.e. a “technological level close to the level presently [1964] attained on earth”. This type was apparently later redefined to signify a civilization able to harness all of the power available on its planet, approximately 1016 to 1017 W. Earth specifically has an available power of 1.74×1017 W (dominated by the incoming solar radiation). To know more about different types of civilization go to the wiki aboutKadashev Scale.

Why it is important to achieve Type 1 Civilization?

Humanity is still vulnerable to earth quakes, Volcano, asteroid, solar flare. Since we don’t have control over them, our existing civilization could be destroyed by any one of these forces any moment and we could do nothing about it. What ever progress we have made in last 10,000 years will be gone just like that.

Not only these natural forces we have enough man made forces which can limit the chance of achieving Type 1 civilization. We have global warming, Environment degradation, sectarian violence, religious  intolerance, terrorism, Nuclear holocaust, civil war to name few which can derail our progress towards Type 1 Civilization.

If we do not work together as Humanity to achieve  technology to control the nature and we are not able to harness the power of planet of earth, we will be destroyed by one of the forces of nature or man made forces with in 100 years. There is no guarantee  for Type 1 Civilization.

What We should do?

1. Vision of United Nations (UN) should be Type 1 Civilization by 100 Years.

2. Work to form a Global governance model through UN

3. Create an Interlinked Global economy regulated by UN

4. Create a common and open global culture funded by UN

5. Have a Global language such as English as second language for all Humanity

6. Common global investment on science and technology on Energy

7. Enforce common Environment law through UN

8. All armies of Individual countries becomes part of UN security force.

9. All armament manufacturing company will be under control of UN and they can sell arms “only” to UN Security force.

10. Ban all Gun license. No one will carry guns anymore

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