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In German: Wir haben soeben viele Illustrationen von chinesischen Zeichen auf der deutschen Womingbai-Website veröffentlicht. Wir freuen uns auf Euer Feedback!

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2048 Puzzle Game the first time ever with Chinese numbers. For Android Smart Phones:

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For the German speakers: Ein neuer Sprachkurs für Anfänger ... auf dieser Website selbst ist noch wenig zu finden - aber das komplette Produkt (rund 4 Stunden Videomaterial + Begleitmaterial für nur wenig mehr als 10 Euro) gibt's bereits zu kaufen. aber erstmal in die kostenlose Demo reinschauen, oder ;-)

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Did you download our first app? ( ... did you like it?

Did you also notice that we were using different charsets for some characters?

Well, this is what we are working on right now:
New Charset (handwritten style) with new artworks. See the changes in the picture? Do you like the new style (right hand side)?

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"" News: Our first App is coded, published and online. "Womingbai - Understanding Chinese Characters" introduces 9 Radicals and 17 more "evolutional steps" of these characters.

All characters are illustrated, explained (the characters meaning, as well as the illustration in case it needs some association to understand why this picture helps you memorize the Chinese Characters meaning), and original native Mandarin Chinese voice reading them aloud.

We hope you like it - and we are happy to receive your feedback and suggestions by email:

First WoMingbai Smartphone-App is being made right now and will see the light of App-Life very soon.

The App will be distributed for free(!) and will present 26 Chinese Characters illustrated and with sound (native speaking mandarin voice from Mainland China Beijing area).

I hope everyone will like it.
If so and if the downloads climb "Tian"-high, we will do more in this direction :-)
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