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Thinking Seriously About The Business? It’s Really Worth Taking The Time!
One of the most important factors in the life of the leader is simply thinking about his/her organisation.   Easily said but how often do we actually take time out to reflect on the business and our part in it?  We may think ABOUT it, yes, but do we also th...

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What Do You Mean, You Forget Things? Write Things Down!
I am now of an age that when I go upstairs I frequently forget why I did so.  Not so unusual I am given to understand and it is probably a function of too many distractions in our lives. Some years ago we went to a marvellous Festival of Music and Wine in t...

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What Do Your People Want? It’s Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose!
Many years ago I went to a presentation in London by the renowned Professor of Marketing at Harvard, Theodore Levitt.  One of his maxims has lived with me ever since: “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” I thought this to b...

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Planning Your Succession? Don’t Leave It Too Late!
During this last week I came across an example of leadership that was both unusual and reassuring. So many times I have experienced situations where the leader, mostly an owner manager, is ploughing on, running the business, getting older and not considerin...

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Can You Identify The Real Issue? Cut Through The Stuff And Focus!
One of the most important features of any meeting of a Vistage CEO peer group is the executive session where members’ issues are discussed, analysed and receive opinions as to a possible solution. The real crux of the presentation of an issue to the group i...

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Change Is Inevitable! Are You An Early Adopter?
Two very interesting statistics came to my notice this week: ·     Cities and towns cover 2.7% of the surface of
the planet, over 50% of the world population live there, they use 75% of all the energy
produced and in turn, they produce 80% of all emissions....

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Don’t Hold It All In - Talk To Someone About It!
The more I talk to leaders the more I have come to realise that under that strong, confident, assertive, committed exterior there lies a bubbling mass of insecurity and uncertainty.  Not in every case, it must said, but definitely in many. It is also remark...

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Entrepreneurship, Nature or Nurture? It Certainly Needs a Dream!/
There is no question in my mind that entrepreneurs who create and sustain successful businesses combine great ideas with their own blend of passion, commitment, personal values and strengths. Indeed they often exhibit a huge level of emotional attachment to...

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Personal Assistant or Executive Assistant? First Define The Role For Both of You!
Regular readers of
this blog will know that I am a keen listener to the BBC World Service and recently they ran a programme on Global Business discussing the appointment of
personal assistants (PAs). Past title was
traditionally secretary and now it is comm...

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Worried About Price Competition? Beat It With Exceptional Service!
It is curious, when talking to business leaders, how infrequently the customer is mentioned.   Many are the other issues – finance, production, operations, suppliers, people (ah yes, people!) but not often the most important influence in the business, the c...
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