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Hi Fans,

since a few hours is our new version 099275b live.
please update over the app and have fun.

Your BMA Team. 

Sorry Guys, i forgot to post it here.

"Hi Fans, a new update is out since a few days.
Update it over the app or.... "

January update:

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new update is on. - Google Drive

Sharing is Caring

have fun

BMA - GoogleDrive - terafile

newest update here.

have fun.

The latest version have a lot of improvements and enhancements: localization bug, fixes multiple word search, and other minor bugs.

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Hi fans,

Have you already downloaded the latest version (v. No? Then it's time!

DL: Google Drive

New Blackmart version is out.


Update over the app! 

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only for your info.

Update: Blackmart Alpha v0.99.2.42

please update. many of our fans use older versions.



Servers are on and working faster. Try it out. Thx our over 1k G+ Fans and 300.000 Users. 

We were down and now on. :-) When we show an update please check in the original market the version. It's identity - update! It's not than its malware. We haven't the time to check this like Applanet which now down by the FBI. Have fun if you could with us.

Latest version is always 0.49.93.

Latest version always in the INFO Box!

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