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An awesome restock hit the shop today, and there's also a great new dice bag with a hubble telescope image of a galaxy! To find that one, hit 'New Products' and it'll be on the top!

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Good morning! Hope you're feeling great. I'm feeling great and finally launching the DIY side of +Dragon Chow Dice Bags which I am pretty excited about.
Free CC 3.0 licensed instructions to make your own dice bag.
Spoonflower store with popular Dragonchow fabrics like police box and don't be a dick. still takes you to the same old dice bag store you love.

Why not make a dice bag this weekend?

I'm looking for beginner, novice and lapsed sewists for a project. If you would like to participate, I need you to have access to a sewing machine. If you are interested in the project, please email me at lyndsayjo @ with "Sewing Squires" in the subject line.

Putting out a line before it becomes a time crunch hassle: I'm looking to borrow a folding transport chair or wheelchair, transport chair preferred. I would be the person using it. It'd be used locally (it could end up going on one trip to the US). I would take good care of it and return it when I no longer need it, hopefully by the end of this year.
I mainly use wheelchairs when I want to do something that takes walking, like a trip to the mall or a festival, so that I don't end up isolated with cabin fever when my heart gets sick.
I am located in Calgary, so I'd need to borrow a chair from someone in Calgary. If you can lend me one or know somebody, you can email me: lyndsayjo at or comment here.

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Dice Bags! Stock got low at the end of the year, but now there are a lot of dice bags in the shop!
At the beginning of January, we did a lot of work in the studio to inventory and properly stock all of the fabric designs in the shop, then added some new ones!

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This post excites me. Also, you should check out my blog post on how I launched my Pathfinder campaign with Lords of Waterdeep and Fiasco!
Lyndsay demonstrates perfectly how Fiasco can be used as a starter to set up a different game. I'd love to see more of this!

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It feels like I've seen more and more job applicants launch social media campaigns to get attention from potential employers. Every time I see one, I am curious if they work. So I made a survey!

Are you a job applicant who has used a social media campaign to try and get hired?
Have you ever had a job applicant launch a social media campaign to try and get you or your company's attention?

I'd love to hear about it!

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Hey friends! I am working on a class project for my marketing program, and we are working on a thin film solar panel awning. One aesthetic consideration that has been introduced to us is polycrystalline thin film solar panels, which come in various colours. I'm having trouble finding sources for this product though, so if you know of a website or something please share it with me!

Also if the idea of a solar panel awning is something you think is interesting, would you consider participating in my interview phase of the project? I'd appreciate it and we could do that over email or hangout! 

More Details:
Using thin film solar technology, our group project is proposing making an awning covered with thin film solar panels. The awning would be 5-6 sections that could retract into a stack or be extended to shade a deck or large window while generating solar power for a home. We'd include a certain amount of remote control, including maybe a smartphone app so you could extend the awning from work to generate power while you're away.

This project is at the moment entirely hypothetical. Our project goal for the course is to create a business model for a new green building technology. 

Here is a pinboard with awning ideas that I like. Large umbrellas for restaurants (using origami folding to retract) is another customer channel we are considering.

We are using the Business Model Generation book and business canvas for this project. If you would like to see this canvas, I can share that with you as well!

#solarpower   #solarenergy   #studentproject  

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Scientific progress makes for great dice bags!
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