Woodridge Psychiatric Hospital is located in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Woodridge Hospital, located in Johnson City, Tennessee, is a 84-bed inpatient provider of mental health and chemical dependency services for adults, adolescents, and children ages 6 and older. The psychiatrist leads a team of professionals that includes mental health therapists, discharge planners, expressive therapists, and psychiatric nurses who will assist the individual with finding the most beneficial level of treatment. Therapy is an integral component of the treatment program. Traditional group, individual, family and couples psychotherapies are available. There is also an expressive therapy department that provides non-traditional therapy in art, music, relaxation, drama and writing.

For the children and adolescents who seek treatment at Woodridge, there is a strong parental or guardian involvement that is encouraged by the treatment team. This team provides specialized educational groups for parents and guardians that help with the transition back home in order to increase positive coping skills outside the hospital. Woodridge Hospital provides a full academic program for children and adolescents licensed by the Tennessee State Department of Education. The adolescent unit at Woodridge is equipped with a classroom to help ensure that the patients do not fall behind in their studies.

For both child and adult, Woodridge offers a wide variety of groups and therapeutic treatments that are goal-directed and cater to the individual needs of the patient. Woodridge also provides specialized care for the geriatric population through counseling the individual, family interactions and medication options.
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Woodridge Psychiatric Hospital 403 North State of Franklin Road Johnson City, TN 37604