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It was a beautiful Tuesday afternoon when I walked into Debra Clark’s kitchen. Debra is the foodie behind the “Bowl Me Over” food blog.

My Goal: to take beautiful images for her to use in spicing up her blog’s visual presence.
My Plan: to photograph her cooking a meal from scratch from start to finish.

Debra specializes in making hearty and heartwarming soups and stews. She does feature other types of cooking on her blog (salads, BBQ, sandwiches, etc…), but her main passion is for soups/stews and the nutritious comfort they impart. For that reason, the meal she would be making while I hovered around her with my camera would be a tri-peppered chicken stew.

My first set of shots: The Ingredients.

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Massive Clearance Sale on matted prints in my Etsy Store for images that are representative of my old style. Making way for the new. 
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New image added to 500px. This was taken at sunset at Convict Lake in California.  Enjoy! #sierranevada #sunset #reflectionsonwater  

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Google Tolerating Copyright Infringement Makes it Much Worse
Why does Google+ only take down one photograph when an account is clearly flooded with posts of stolen photos? 
"Images with unenforced copyrights lose their ability to generate direct income for several reasons. First is death by search engine burial. I depend on a high search ranking, as most clients arrive to my website using Google. Yet the churning tides of Facebook, 9gag, and imgur make it harder and harder for prospective customers to find my actual website in the search soup of my uncredited images. I am too often competing—and losing—against uncredited copies of my own work. If clients do track me down, they have little incentive to buy. Who wants to pay for an image that is already everywhere?"

Google+ results show up in Google Search, and G+ posts can indirectly promote infringing uses over the creator's own copies of a photo as well.  The DMCA takedown process is a minimum response; Google profits from serving ads against the infringing search results for posts it tolerates on G+.  Surely Google can do better.  Google could help content creators find and address copyright infringement, especially on Google's own services.
#copyright   #copyrightinfringement   #photography  

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Lone Winter Tree - Purple and Brown. Print available on Etsy.
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