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Erdogan calls for the Demographic replacement of Europeans
It is has been known by Nationalists for decades that Zionists, in
collaboration with the Wahhabists and other Islamist allies that there
is an open plan to demographically replace the indigenous people of
Europe with those of Africa and the Middle East....

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The Abandonment of the Greek Working Class by the Communists
  An interesting phenomenon of the far left has been their complete
abandonment of the working class, in favour of their new clients from
the 3 rd world. While the Communist movement of Greece
embraced Albanians, Moslems and Slavs during the 20th century...

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Messinia: Greeks systemically disregarded to make way for Illegal Immigrants
Champagne Socialists & ‘humanitarians’ dine on the back of
what remains of the Greek working class of Messinia, as Hellenes take a
back seat and end up on the streets while illegal invaders from the 3 rd world are given free hospitality at the expense of ...

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Mongols Provocateurs claim ‘Cyprus is home of the Turks’
  The Greeks have continuously inhabited Cyprus since the Bronze Age,
a historical Island homeland of our people stretching back over 3,500
years. We are the indigenous ethnos of the Island, and founded ancient
civilisations across Cyprus while nomadic T...

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In memory of Mikis Mantakas
Today, Golden Dawn paid respect to fallen hero, Mikis Mantakas.  Mikis was a Greek student who studied abroad in Italy, who also
helped the struggle of fellow Italian Nationalists in their defence
against militant communist militias which terrorised the c...

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Another Laughable attempt to falsely link Golden Dawn to attacks on migrants
  Another laughable accusation has been attempted in order to smear
the Golden Dawn, showing once again the pure desperation of the deep
state and their futile attempts to shut down the Nationalist movement.   When the Samaras regime lost the confidence t...

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State Approved 'Rebels' - The Street Enforces of the Multicultural Dictatorship
The mainstream media in Greece is silent once again following
another attack by the System’s lap dogs, this time involving a young
patriot in the Oreocastro area of Thessaloniki. As the orchestrated 3 rd world invasion of Greece
continues as per the dema...

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80% of Greeks do no approve of Muslim Immigration
  A revealing study published by the newspaper Republic showed the results of Greeks regarding their opinion on Muslim immigrants.   Despite the propaganda push from NGOs, including that of
multi-billionaire Marxist extraordinaire George Soros, the study s...

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The importance of upcoming French Elections for Greece and all of Europe
  While Nationalists across Europe differ considerably from the Front
National on ideology, one common goal remains firm in our struggle
against globalism – the much needed exit of Europe from the chaotic
plutocracy of the EU.   Establishment candidates,...

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Hellenes take to the streets of Athens, in an anti-immigration protest.
Andrew Anglin's twin brother, expressing his anger against Rapefugees entering Marchers expressed fury at the number of migrants remaining in Greece since the closure of the Balkan route into Europe. Golden Dawn parliamentarian Ilias Panagiotaros said likes...
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