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I’ve been a homebody since NYE and it has been a delicious feeling. Granted, my seclusion began with a bout with the flu & a horrid sinus infection, which led me to the ER and left me on bed rest (I was also strangely excited about getting my first IV… am I the only person who fantasizes about being a patient on Greys Anatomy?)

Ok, so maybe I didn’t make the conscious decision to stay home but clearly my body was saying this is where I belonged. [ 1,185 more words]

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Affordable Korean Skincare | Face Masks 101 If you've been following me for awhile, then you know I am obsessed with Korean Beauty -- specifically skincare. The obsession began when we relocated to South Korea and it started all with sheet masks, scrubs, and cleansers.

It's now fully developed into face masks, BHAs/AHAs, essences, and bouncy toners. Am I the only person who flicks their cheeks to check their moisture levels??? Don't judge, it's seriously a thing! I say all this, to announce... that I finally filmed my highly requested Affordable Korean Skincare video, where I'm sharing my Face Masks 101.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, then you know I am obsessed with Korean Beauty — specifically skincare. The obsession began when we relocated to South Korea and it started all with sheet masks, scrubs, and cleansers. It’s now fully developed…

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Color me red, I can’t believe October is over and with it the remnants of Seoul Fashion Week SS ’17. Honestly, I’m still recovering from all of the events and it’s two weeks later! Seoul Fashion Week (SFW) was insane!! I have a ton of feels regarding my experience, but for now it’s time for a recap.

I’ll be breaking this up in sections … because I was hashtag blessed to attend 3 out of the 5 days! Which made 11 shows total! Yes, I know. It was super crazy. High-key, I’m still sleep deprived, but I loved every minute of it.

Day 1 was nervewracking because I was going solo, but thankfully I only had 2 shows that day -- Greedilous & Big Park! ps. I loved every minute of it. 

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I love Airbnb because it’s a unique way to explore and discover new cities (on a budget hello!), while connecting with the local community, and properties being Insta-worthy doesn’t hurt a bit.

However, it is way more than the photos, but really it’s the experiences I’m most nostalgic over, especially the ones where I travel with my husband. Whether it was celebrating our anniversary in St. Louis, staycationing in Seoul, or slow traveling through Bangkok, some of my favorite travel memories have become intertwined with the authentic vibes of Airbnb.

While I can forever gush about the awesomeness of Airbnb, I wanted to hear what other travelers were thinking. So, I reached out to some awesome bloggers and YouTubers to share their most memorable Airbnb experiences while couple traveling.

I hope you enjoy and be sure to tell me in the comments: Where’s your favorite place to stay (as a couple, solo, or with friends/family)?

Favorite Airbnb’s for Couple Travelers

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After seeing the yearlong transformation of my skin and hair, due to my holistic skincare routine, I have officially become obsessed. Now I want to incorporate everything holistic into my way of life.

This fascination has drifted over to my wanting an authentic holistic and alternative medicine experience. Specifically, as it regards, acupuncture, cupping, Pilates, and massage therapy because as I enter my 30s, I have weekly aches in my joints and a constant crick in my neck.

So imagine the level of gratitude I felt, when during a weekday brunch, my blogger babe Hallie, The Soul of Seoul, recommended that I try a holistic massage at the Create Wellness Center.

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How To Eat Alone: Solo Dining Tips

Growing up with five siblings, eating alone was a strange concept and one I never considered until my freshman year of university. Solo dining was new territory for me and it scared the hell out of me.

Fast forward, ten years later, and I’ve eaten alone in cool places like Beijing and Toronto or even during my adventures during Fashion Week. Admittedly, I sometimes have a tinge of nerves when I enter the restaurant and they ask “how many?”, but that feeling of embarrassment usually subsides once I remember, what I’m there for.

To eat.

If you remember the simple goal of putting delicious morsels in your mouth, eating alone will become easier. So whether you’re a solo traveler or just want to treat yo-self, read on for my guide on How To Eat Alone: Solo Dining Tips and enjoy your meal in peace.

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In 2012, Bangkok easily made my top five favorite cities (Berlin, Barcelona, NYC, Bangkok, and Seoul). Bursting with flavors, culture, and the unending hustle. There’s an authentic feeling that flows through Bangkok. The people seem casually indifferent to the throngs of expats and proudly do things their own way and in their own time.

The city is dated but stimulating. Yet, it beckons you to wander its grimy streets all the while melancholy over your impending departure. You have your favorites. Dancing in the streets of Khao San Road. Clutching your innards as the tuk-tuks ruthlessly maneuver the crowded streets. Curiosity unabated you willing let Bangkok snare you into its web.

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Life in South Korea can become pretty intense, especially in regards to food, because Korean cuisine is a serious matter. Which means Koreans can be quite particular on where to enjoy the most delicious foods. I have found this to be even more true for eating in Seoul.

There’s just something about this buzzing metropolitan, that impresses upon you, that not eating is akin to a mortal sin. Okay, mortal sin might be a bit heavy but when you want to learn more about the customs and the culture of your host country – you eat.

Which is what I did, when Daniel Gray of Delectable Travels, invited me and a few of my blogger babes on a super fun hipster Seoul Food Tour in Seoul.

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Chuseok in Seoul : My First Cooking Class

Last weekend I was invited by a local travel group (Let’s Play Planet) to take part in a cooking lesson with a local Korean mom, for the major Korean holiday, Chuseok. During the 3-4 day holiday of Chuseok (추석) or as we foreigners call it – Korean Thanksgiving – many Koreans visit their ancestral towns, to honor their ancestors, and feast on traditional foods with their loved ones.

As you can imagine travel, before-during-after, Chuseok can be quite hectic. In fact, many of my expat friends warned me against traveling within Korea due to traffic, delayed or canceled flights, and so many people. Luckily, I only live an hour from Seoul, so venturing into the city during Chuseok wasn’t as hectic as I imagined. It wasn’t until I reached my destination that I saw a hint of the chaos of Chuseok. I barely avoided crashing into suitcases while I sidestepped roaming middle schoolers, and heartily ignored vendors hawking purses.

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Hotel Atti Seongsu | A Perfect Place to Stay & Relax in Seoul For travelers looking to "treat themselves" while enjoying a beautiful view, a boutique hotel is the perfect place to stay & relax in Seoul.

This past weekend my blogger babe Kate (the Toronto Seoulcialite), invited me to a Korean music festival in Seoul (more about that here). As I live 45-minutes north of Seoul, I usually catch the last train and climb into my pillow top bed. But this time,…
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