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An Open Letter to Arthur Blank and the Atlanta Falcons

January 13, 2015
Arthur Blank
Atlanta Falcons Football Club
4400 Falcon Parkway
Flowery Branch, GA 30542
Dear Mr. Blank:
I am not sure you will ever see this letter, but hopefully someone in the organization does and possibly may address my concerns and disappointment in how my most beloved Atlanta Falcons are handling current club level season ticket holders and the upcoming move to the new stadium.
I have never been in favor of a new stadium, as I have loved the Georgia Dome like a second home for years.  However, I understand the reasoning for making a change and building what is destined to be the finest sports stadium in the world.  I also knew that upon approval for the stadium, loyal season ticket holders like me would be required to pay Personal Seat Licenses for the opportunity to maintain our seats.  Obviously I’ve never been very keen on the idea, but it is what it is.
Given the information that was released to the public in the last week regarding the price of certain premium seat PSL’s, I was terrified to see what my seats would cost, should I chose to sign a PSL.  Immediately thereafter, I received an email to schedule an appointment to see what the plans will be.  This was followed by a beautiful and shiny book about the stadium and a letter that both shocked and infuriated me.  With a week’s notice, I am going to be expected to make a decision to buy a 30 year PSL and pay a significant down payment without being told ahead of time what exactly that PSL will cost.  I have been told at my appointment that I have to make a decision then and there—no ability to talk to my fiancé (who is unable to attend with me).  I will have to pay an undisclosed amount while I am in the process of planning a wedding, closing my business and moving across country. 
I am not the owner of a national sports team.  I am not a much respected philanthropist and businessman.  I am a devoted Atlanta Falcons fan who has paid for executive member, club level season tickets for over seven years.  It is often financially difficult for me to afford my tickets but my love for the team trumps all else.  Now it is likely that my love will not trump all because I cannot come up with some amount for a down payment on a PSL ranging up to $45,000 in such a short amount of time.  My heart breaks to know that saying goodbye to the Georgia Dome is most likely also going to mean saying goodbye to seeing my Falcons play live eight weeks a year.
I have always respected the manner in which you have run this organization. I have always respected you as a person.  All I feel now is disappointed, unappreciated for years of loyalty and sad.  Tremendously sad. 
With regards,
Jenny R. Meyers                                                                                       
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