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Been enjoying setting up Precision Queuing!  Fortunately Cisco has provided some bulk tools for Packaged CCE, which I'm currently deploying for a client out of North Carolina.  Unfortunately, they have not provided any bulk tools/methods for skilling agents in a PQ environment with standard SRND CCE via Web Administration.  600 agents with an average of 5 Attributes each in an enterprise environment with 75+ PQ's/Attributes?  Pretty sure this is going to take a while! ;) 

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Found this website yesterday and it is amazing! ;)  Finally a platform to combine all of my numerous accounts to keep track of all the aspects of my life in one spot.  The phone app is only good for adding and not viewing all data but the website itself is pretty excellent! 

Do I want the new Apple iOS 7?  Of course.  Am I willing to be their guinea pig and adopt it the day it comes out?  God no.  I would think iOS6 should have burned enough people away from early adoption but I doubt it. ;) 

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Best. Chair. Ever.
How about this chair on a rainy day 

#geek   #chair   #reading   #novels   #rainyday   #readingisfundamental  

Figured out what is wrong with my laptop - I have the joy of owning one of the few mid-2010 15" i7 macbook pros that get the "black screen of death" feature! Hoorayyy!!!  

You'd think that when a company controls the hardware and the software AND charges $2200 that it would just work.  You'd think that.  But you'd be wrong... ;) 

Blargh - Karlynn's don't like allergy season.  On the bright side - I love working with the guys in Grand Rapids! ;) 
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