Making progress printing and assembling a little delta 3d printer I'm designing from scratch. The 3DR (by +Richard Horne) was the primary inspiration​ for the design.

Here's a sneak peek, it's the second and hopefully final version of the top, printed in magenta PETG. Ignore the T-nuts, they're only used since I didn't have enough M5 nuts on hand. Designed in OnShape over a several months.

The walls are all 5mm (~1/4in) thick; it's overkill both because I'm not a real engineer - I have no idea what I'm doing -and because I want it to be resilient to being transported. I hope it'll take a beating and stay calibrated.
Will be about 500mm (~20in) tall depending on the aluminum extrusion lengths used. It's about 250mm (~10in) in diameter in order to fit the controller in the bottom between all the motors - unlike the 3DR. Like the 3DR, though, it should have a build area big enough to print its own printed parts and reproduce itself!

Uniquely satisfying to build something complicated from scratch and have it be a tangible thing. Contrast to writing code, which at times simply disappears right into the void.

We live in the freaking future.
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