Trying out Atom editor (from GitHub). Initial thoughts:

First-class package management. This has annoyed me about Sublime and I've felt it's been successful in spite of it not being built in. You can quickly generate scaffolding for a new theme or Atom package out of the box.

Web developer focused live reload / preview / etc. Well, it's Chromium under the covers after all.

Default theme is meh, but Monokai, the one and only correct editor theme, is a package install away.

Did I miss an IDE style "Build/Run" workflow somehow? Might have to be written.

No linting packages yet(?) I might've missed it somewhere.

"Install Shell Commands" just pops up a dialog saying `atom` and `apm` are installed. Okie dokie.

Nice and fast. Records startup time for each plugin/package it loads, why the hell doesn't everything with plugins do that?! Should be easy to track down misbehaving extensions. (even the thing that records how long each extension takes is itself an extension, 'Timecop')

No Linux version yet. Not an actual issue, clearly it is coming and will work fine.

Styling can be changed with a quick CSS rule. That might actually get me to change default styles for once.

??? is this actually open source? It's not clear and I don't understand why, with such attention to detail otherwise, it's not spelled out somewhere. Just "free while in beta"
I don't have a huge problem even if it's closed, but something feels funny about the (intentional?) oversight.
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