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Escape! This Summer With Pyrenees Mountain Adventure
July and August this year Escape! with Pyrenees Mountain Adventure. Pyrenees Mountain
Adventure offers you the chance to follow in the footsteps of allied
airmen escaping from Nazi occupied territory during World War 2 by
trekking the Freedom Trail (...

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Eterlou 8/2/2015
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Merry Christmas/Happy New Year 2014/2015

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Pic Carlit Challenge July 2014
Steve recently completed the 4 day Pic Carlit Challenge with Pyrenees Mountain Adventure and had a great time summiting Pic Carlit on Day 4 (2921m/9583 feet). Steve with the Twin Perics in the distance. Ascended both on Day 2. In his own words: What a fanta...

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Pyrenees D of E Gold Expedition July 2014 with Simon Langton
Team Wizards Team Fat Fingers A group of 12 students from Simon Langton Boys School made the journey
from Canterbury to the Eastern Pyrenees to complete their 4 day/3 night
Gold D of E Expedition with Pyrenees Mountain Adventure . The trip included a trai...

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Commemorative Chemin de la Liberté/Freedom Trail July 2014
This years Commemorative Freedom Trail (10 - 13 July 2014) saw over a 100 people walking along one of the World War 2 escape routes from France into Spain. Mainly from England and France but over 10 countries represented. Snow conditions meant that walking ...

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Beauty in one's surroundings from macro

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Looking Ahead to this Summers Mountain Adventures in the Pyrenees
Spring has arrived and with the rising temperatures, the snow on the summits and high cols has begun to melt. With the first bookings of the year being taken for summer treks with Pyrenees Mountain Adventure attention turns to the summer and ........ 

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Never Measure The Height of a Mountain.....

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World Book Day Today
Carved book landscape by Guy Laramee. More great book art at
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