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Clicking the publish button on ConnectBot v1.8.2 at the pub!
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Folks into #electronics and #PCB design: Know any articles about when to use vias, and when to avoid them in favour of longer snake tracks?

I don't feel I have a good grasp of when to prefer one of over the other in any particular situation. Looking for some guidance. Nothing high-frequency or high-voltage - mostly at-most 12V, microcontrollers, sometimes up to 20MHz or so.
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After I was done ranting about feature requests, someone asked me if I wanted a pony with it. Here is my response
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Just wondering, but r u a 12 year old from ny with a identical twin named raphiel? Sorry just need to know if u r my friend from school
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"As a company they should fight other companies and shady suppliers, instead of retrospectively punishing end users who cannot possibly know origin of each chip used by the product they bought year ago."

#FTDIGate #FTDI #electronics
FTDI FT232RL: real vs fake. For quite some time when you buy FTDI FT232RL chips from shady suppliers you have a good chance of getting mysteriously buggy chip which only works with drivers 2.08.14 or earlier. We've got a pair of such FTDI FT232RL chips - one genuine and one fake and decided to ...
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And there's no tool to tell them apart that I've found yet. Apart from not working/bricking.
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If anyone knows about #nRF24L01+ radio modules and electronics hackery, I'd appreciate a hand with this question:
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What I've been working on the past few weeks:

Matrix is a new open standard for interoperable Instant Messaging and VoIP, providing pragmatic HTTP APIs and open source reference implementations for creating and running your own real-time communication infrastructure. - A new basis for open, distributed, real-time communication
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voice over ip, or video?
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In preparation for the v1.8 release, we are asking for help translating the Play Store descriptions. Every effort is appreciated!

If you don't want to register for Launchpad, you can post the translations as comments on this post and we'll put them in.
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We've just released ConnectBot version 1.8.2. This beta-testing release contains more bugfixes for the keyboard, along with some new options to control the behaviour of sticky modifiers. This should make keyboard input better across a range of devices including hardware keyboards.

We're hoping to promote this out of beta into being the real production release - so please get testing and let us know of any new bugs since the last release.
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So I think I worked out why I was having trouble with my #soldering last night... Someone tell me if I'm going crazy here, or if this sounds plausible

The solder I have doesn't seem to have flux in it, because no amount of melting it ever produces any white smoke. However, if I cut through it with a sharp knife I do still see what I think is an inner core that looks "different" - still grey, but less shiney than the outside. I also observe that I need to get the iron quite hot on the temp. control in order to melt new solder off the reel, but having melted it once and let it cool into a ball, I can remelt that at a much lower temperature; even at a temperature which will not melt fresh stuff.

I think therefore, that what I have is 63/37 solder comprised of a solid core of 37% lead, surrounded by a jacket of 63% tin - needing, therefore, to be hot enough to melt each on their own the first time, at which point they mix and alloy themselves together into the actual eutectic mixture.

Does that sound plausible?
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So not stale flux. :) Does setting the tip temperature to 250 Celcius produce any evidence of melting anything? That should be enough to melt the tin, but not the lead.
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Dear world:

I have a computer, A, on which is a big disk with lots of music. I have a computer, B, which is attached to my screen, keyboard, and speakers. Ohyes, and B is a laptop which moves from place to place.

Get music from A onto B.

 * Mounting filesystems is far from reliable, often gets upset over laptop suspend/resume

 * mpd is great for transport control but doesn't carry the audio path

 * Pulse's network audio solutions are all crazy, don't work over routers, spin my router CPU

 * trx can't cope with mismatched audio rates

 * Shoutcast copes terribly with packet loss, building up many many seconds of audiolatency.

Someone please explain how - I'm refusing to believe it's as difficult as I'm finding it.
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Plex / XMBC server on machine A, and machine B streams via the browser or client? It's an elegant solution. 
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My #Perl #Futures talk from YAPC::EU has now made it up to YouTube.

Asynchronous Programming with Futures
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Oooh, nice stuff :)

Also hi +Kenny Root , love ConnectBot since my first Android device :)
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I don't suppose anyone has any ideas on building an #AVR HVSP programmer, for the 8/14 pin ATtiny chips? I can find plenty of projects online about fuse resetters, to simply re-enable ISP again, but that isn't what I want. I want a full HVSP burner as I want to develop a design for an ATtiny84 using all 12 GPIOs

Obviously I now of the SKT500 or Dragon, but I don't want a full massive board. It strikes me fairly simple to build an HVSP controller out of a second ATtiny, something that avrdude would be able to drive.
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The doctor boards could probably do hvsp programming with appropriate firmware.
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