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Rdk Melanoma
Our mission is to save lives through education about the prevention and early detection of skin cancer, especially melanoma.
Our mission is to save lives through education about the prevention and early detection of skin cancer, especially melanoma.


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Don’t Let Your Guard Down When It Comes To Skin Cancer Risk During Winter

As the winter months arrive, it is important to continue to be vigilant and sun safe to avoid increasing your risk for developing skin cancer. According to Dawn Dorsey, “When the temperature drops or you haven’t seen the sun in days, don’t think you can put away the sunscreen. Even in the winter and on cloudy days, it’s important to guard your skin against cancer and aging.”

The reason is simple. Harmful UV rays don’t hibernate in the winter months. Just like a cloudy day in summer, UV rays filter through and reach your skin. It is a good reminder to continue to protect yourself from the sun’s damaging rays.

Susan Chon, M.D. suggests the following preventative habits...

Read more at :

“Enjoy the sun and being outdoors, but be smart,” she says. “A few simple steps can help protect you from skin cancer.”

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We are so proud of our 1st SAM CLUB in Philadelphia

Lower Moreland High school and Colleen-The Rock Star teacher sponsor with Bob Kelly news anchor! They were on the FOX 29 NEWS TODAY!!
Great media coverage-great news-great kids!!:)


Click here to watch the clip on FOX 29 website

#RDK #RichardDavidKannMelanomaFoundation #SunSmartAmerica #SAM #SunSafety #SunSafe #SkinCancer #ProtectYourSkin
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Melanoma Death Rates Climb for Men Across the Globe

According to a new study, “Melanoma skin cancer death rates in men are on the rise in most countries, but are stable or declining for women in some.” The study was conducted by researchers from the World Health Organization. They studied data from 33 countries between 1985 and 2015. “In all 33 countries, melanoma death rates were higher for men than for women, the study found.”

According to the study author, “There is evidence that suggests men are less likely to protect themselves from the sun or engage with melanoma awareness and prevention campaigns. The major risk factor for melanoma is overexposure to ultraviolet radiation, either from sun exposure or from using sunbeds. Despite public health efforts to promote awareness of melanoma and encourage sun-smart behaviors, melanoma incidence has been increasing in recent decades.”

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#RDK #RichardDavidKannMelanomaFoundation #SunSmartAmerica #SAM #SunSafety #SunSafe #SkinCancer #ProtectYourSkin
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Martini's for Melanoma on November 15th is the kickoff to the Run from the Rays 5K held on April 25, 2019

SafeSun Foundation presents
Martini's for Melanoma
Thursday, November 15, 2018

Cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and silent auction
at the
Boca Clinic
1601 Clint Moore Road
Boca Raton, Florida

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

$25 voluntary donation at the door

For more information call Fran Nicholas at 561-350-5110


#SUNSAFE #MartinisForMelanoma #StudentsAgainstMelanoma #EarlyDetection #SkinCancerEducation #SkinCancerPrevention #MelanomaAwareness #SkinCancerPreventiveEducation #RichardDavidKannMelanomaFoundation #SaveLives #RDKSAM #Melanoma #VictimsToMelanoma #SkinCancer #LoveTheSkinYoureIn #RDK #RichardDavidKannMelanomaFoundation #SunSmartAmerica #SAM #SunSafety #SunSafe #ProtectYourSkin
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NOVEMBER 8, 2018
4:00-5:00 PM

Jupiter Lighthouse – Sunscreen Dispenser Dedication

A Big thank you to the following wonderful people for your combined support/efforts and donations to help make this sunscreen dispenser dedication at this historic landmark a reality! A special big thanks and Congratulations to Niko Tomc for bringing forth this idea to RDK and his combined fundraising efforts with schools and local business to help make this happen!! We are so excited and proud of you!!

- Mrs. Sunnie Petric Teacher/sponsor/SAM Club William T. Dwyer High School
- Niko Tomc/Vice President/SAM Club/Dwyer High School
- Shari Rodgers/Teacher/Sponsor SAM Club/Jupiter High
- Seth Rodgers/President/SAM Club at Jupiter High
- Michelle Borenstein/Gardens Dermatology/Corporate Sponsor/JHS SAM CLUB
- The Guanabana Restaurant Family
- Amanda Dixon/Program Director/ Jupiter Lighthouse

The Jupiter Lighthouse Sunscreen Dispenser dedication will be held at the Jupiter Lighthouse front entrance area at 4PM

*Please note-standing area only-grassy tree covered area- you are welcome to bring your own chairs and H2o- if desiredJ

We look forward to seeing you all there!

More Information:

#BeSunSafe #RDKMelanoma #RDK #RichardDavidKannMelanomaFoundation #SunSmartAmerica #Jupiter #SunSafety #SunSafe #JupiterLighthouse
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Combatting Skin Cancer From The Outside Using Chemotherapy Hydrogel

Treating skin cancer often involves chemotherapy that must be delivered intravenously and cause side effects. New research is providing a type of chemo that can be painted onto the skin...

Continue Reading at :

#RDK #RichardDavidKannMelanomaFoundation #SunSmartAmerica #SAM #SunSafety #SunSafe #SkinCancer #ProtectYourSkin
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Married Couples Are Less Likely To Die From Melanoma

According to Nicholas Bakalar, “Married people are more likely than the unmarried to get timely diagnosis and treatment for malignant skin cancer.” The key to effectively treating Melanoma is early detection. The results are from a study published in JAMA dermatology. According to the study, “46 percent of married people went to a doctor at the earliest stage of the disease, compared with 43 percent of the never married, 39 percent of the divorced, and 32 percent of the widowed.” The data suggests that having a partner can help you make good decisions and encourage visiting your dermatologist.

Find out more at :

#StudentsAgainstMelanoma #EarlyDetection #SkinCancerEducation #SkinCancerPrevention #MelanomaAwareness #SkinCancerPreventiveEducation #RichardDavidKannMelanomaFoundation #SaveLives #RDKSAM #Melanoma #VictimsToMelanoma #SkinCancer #LoveTheSkinYoureIn #RDK #RichardDavidKannMelanomaFoundation #SunSmartAmerica #SAM #SunSafety #SunSafe #ProtectYourSkin
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First Students Against Melanoma Club in PA.

Colleen Quinn-Maxwell, this week’s sunny #TeacherTuesday, teaches health and physical education to ninth through twelfth graders at Lower Moreland High School. She turned her lessons into action by obtaining donor funding through the Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation to obtain three sunscreen dispensers for the district’s campuses and started a Students Against Melanoma Club, becoming the first school district in Pennsylvania to offer these dispensers and be recognized as a Sun Safety SunSmart School District.

Says Colleen, “I receive an incredible amount of pride from teaching. I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I was a Certified Athletic Trainer and loved helping my athletes learn more about how they could get better following an injury and teaching my student athletic trainers about the fields of health, medicine and physical education.” And she adds, “Fulfilling my dream to help others through so many outlets in my day as a high school health and physical education teacher brings me a complete sense of worth that I am creating a positive extension of my knowledge to my students and school community.”

Tell us what other educators make a constructive difference for their students and we’ll feature them in an upcoming #TeacherTuesday profile.

Spotlighted on the Council for the Advancement of Public Schools Facebook Page.

Read More:

The Richard David Kann (RDK) Melanoma Foundation has been working locally and nationally for over 20 years to educate students grades K-12 on the importance of sunsafe behavior and raise awareness about the life-saving techniques for early detection of skin cancer, especially melanoma, its deadliest form. Their newest initiative the “RAY™” Project, involves the distribution of sunscreen dispensers in parks, beaches, schools, and outdoor areas, where sun exposure is excessive. The unique Students Against Melanoma (SAM) Clubs in middle and high school, and the SunSmart America™ curricula, programs, and resources, have educated hundreds of thousands of students, families and communities on sun safety behaviors and techniques for prevention and early detection of skin cancer. Deborah Kann Schwarzberg is Founder and President of the RDK Melanoma Foundation. To learn more visit or call 561-655-9655.

#StudentsAgainstMelanoma #EarlyDetection #SkinCancerEducation #SkinCancerPrevention #MelanomaAwareness #SkinCancerPreventiveEducation #RichardDavidKannMelanomaFoundation #SaveLives #RDKSAM #Melanoma #VictimsToMelanoma #SkinCancer #LoveTheSkinYoureIn #TeacherTuesday

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Not all melanomas are dark, some are without pigment and even more DEADLY

According to a recent article in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, not all melanomas are dark, some are without pigment and even more deadly. The objective of the study was to examine the “anatomic distribution and risk factors associated with clinically amelanotic or hypomelanotic melanoma and compare the survival of patients with clinically amelanotic or hypomelanotic melanoma with that of patients with pigmented melanoma.”

The results from the study indicated “the face, ears, lateral aspect of the neck, upper portion of the arm, posterior aspect of the forearm, dorsal aspect of the hand, and anterior aspect of the lower portion of the leg were associated with increased odds of amelanotic or hypomelanotic melanoma when compared with the upper portion of the back.” Somewhat surprisingly, “Mortality risk from melanoma appeared greater for amelanotic or hypomelanotic melanoma than for pigmented melanoma.”

The study concluded that “Although clinically amelanotic or hypomelanotic melanoma can occur on all body sites, it is more common on chronically sun-exposed areas. Clinicians should have an increased index of suspicion in patients with a sun-sensitive skin phenotype, red hair, and associated actinic keratoses.”

For more information Visit :

#StudentsAgainstMelanoma #EarlyDetection #SkinCancerEducation #SkinCancerPrevention #MelanomaAwareness #SkinCancerPreventiveEducation #RichardDavidKannMelanomaFoundation #SaveLives #RDKSAM #Melanoma #VictimsToMelanoma #SkinCancer #LoveTheSkinYoureIn #RDK #RichardDavidKannMelanomaFoundation #SunSmartAmerica #SAM #SunSafety #SunSafe #ProtectYourSkin
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Do Your Clothes Protect You From UV Rays?

While daily use of sunscreen is important, The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends clothing as first line of defense against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Different items of clothing can affect how well you are protected.

To view the 5 criteria to consider when choosing clothing to protect against UV rays visit :

Remember, no single type of sun protection is complete in and of itself; The Skin Cancer Foundation advises you to use clothing, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and shade together for all-around sun safety.

#StudentsAgainstMelanoma #EarlyDetection #SkinCancerEducation #SkinCancerPrevention #MelanomaAwareness #SkinCancerPreventiveEducation #RichardDavidKannMelanomaFoundation #SaveLives #RDKSAM #Melanoma #VictimsToMelanoma #SkinCancer #LoveTheSkinYoureIn #RDK #RichardDavidKannMelanomaFoundation #SunSmartAmerica #SAM #SunSafety #SunSafe #ProtectYourSkin
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