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Serenity in Legos, in scale with minifigs? Just over 7 ft. long & 135 lbs.? That is some gorram big damn awesome!
This is Serenity.  The ship from Firefly, full Minifig scale, a LEGO MOC by Adrian Drake of Ohio. It is seven feet long, weighs 135lbs, is made of 70,000 bricks and took 21 months to build. Total build time 475 hours. It has all of the compartments of the original set except the engine room, which he said he could not make while maintaining structural integrity. The cargo bay and firefly drive both light up, the shuttle detaches and wings swing out, and both engines rotate fully.  It debuted today at Brickfair in Chantilly, Virginia, and was pretty much the talk of the show. Mr. Blake only had to buy $800 worth of bricks for this build because his collection was so extensive that it covered the rest. I

Adrian's Flickr Photostream, which will apparently include many much better photos than these, is below.  It also includes a great Serenity logo subtitled "Oh no you di'n't!  Oh yes I did.  See you at Brickfair."  Adrian is quite a tease...
Serenity at BrickFair, August 4, 2012 (13 photos)
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Live in just under 1hr! #TheCriticalHitAnomalists (Ep. 6) Tune In! Call In! been a few weeks, let's knock the rust off!

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RT @scalzi: To celebrate Ray Bradbury, intro to the @SubPress edition of The Martian Chronicles, "Meeting the Wizard":

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Listen to #TheCriticalHItAnomalists with @kraziej82 @NomadsWandering @roughone87 @sooley in just a little while!

Listen to #TheCriticalHItAnomalists with @kraziej82 @NomadsWandering @roughone87 @sooley in about 5 hours. http://

#TheCriticalHitAnomalists starting any moment!

Again with the no #TheCriticalHitAnomalists show tonight, and again it's not my fault.@kraziej82 is too busy or some such.

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There's a new thing the cool kids are gonna be doing. 'The Critical Hit Anomalists' with @kraziej82& I 7pm EST 4pm PST
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