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Stories of Life
Stories have become central to how I see the world. But if you had asked me several years ago, that would not have been my answer. Yet, in each area of my life the importance of hearing the story of people’s lives has risen to the surface. I’ve always loved...

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Saskatoon Book Launch - Nov 21, 7pm
I am happy celebrate Witnesses of Perfect Love  in print with a Saskatoon book launch event. The book is part of the Tyndale Seminary Series in Wesleyan Theology and History , from Clements Publishing. Join me on November 21, at 7:00 pm at Hampton Free Meth...

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Springs of Water
I had a three part series about Sarah Crosby started on my computer. My plan was to put up each part a few days apart, at most a week, and keep the momentum going as the book became available. Two parts made it to the blog but, as it happened, the book beca...

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Discovering Sarah Crosby: a historian’s journey
The journey to get to know Sarah Crosby continued during my research trip to Duke University in 2009 for the Summer Wesley Seminar. The letter I mentioned in the last post was published by Paul Chilcote in a collection of early Methodist spiritual writing, ...

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Meeting Sarah Crosby
I encountered Sarah Crosby and her story of Christian Perfection first through a letter she wrote to John Wesley. It starts out with her opinion on his latest publication on holiness — he gets her approval with a suggestion to nuance his wording on one part...

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Book Launch News!
After several delays, I am happy announce that Witnesses of Perfect Love will be in print later this month. It is volume 4 in the Tyndale Seminary Series in Wesleyan Theology and History, from Clements Publishing. There are two events where you can celebrat...

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Stories of Holy Love
I will be sharing the story of Sarah Crosby at an Artisan Church Vancouver event on Tuesday, March 11. If any of my readers are in the area, I'd love to see you join us. We are going to spend time exploring what holiness and love have to do with each other....

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Transformation and Controversy: George Clark Part 3
In part 1 and part 2 about George Clark I shared about how He had discovered in himself a disconcerting sinfulness. Yet, as he sought after God he found release in an divine encounter on Pentecost Sunday, 1762.  As I was reading through Clark's journal for ...

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George Clark, Part 2
In the last post, I mentioned that George Clark found himself
more aware of the sin in his life after his conversion experience. This
experience of feeling more sinful after conversion is something I resonate
with. I had a season of feeling so much like a f...

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The Story of Mr. George Clark
I do want to provide some definitions to provide a framework for what I will share from my historic friends, the early Methodists. But instead of starting with theology, I want to start with biography. So, here is part of the story of George Clark, a small ...
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