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Ben Quextal
DJ and Producer of Epic Progressive Psychedelic Electronic Journeys
DJ and Producer of Epic Progressive Psychedelic Electronic Journeys

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So that’s it, QA is over. Thanks to everyone who supported the show over the last five years – it was a lot of fun! But I needed to stop doing a regular show in order to make space for something new… but in the meantime, there are still six more show archives to upload, starting with this one from back in October. Starting deep and techy, and getting proper heavy by the end :)
Alien No155 - A For Alien (TRO rx) - Deep Garnet [p]
TRO - Werkflow (Kawatin rx) - VIM [p]
Metha - System Soul (Resonant Status rx) - [p]
Grove - Tasty Brooklyn - Deep Garnet [p]
Aural Abuse - Escapism (Grove rx) - Deep Garnet [p]
Frequency Less - Acoustic Skills - VIM [p]
Phrakture - Archon (Skymind rx) - RUNE [p]
Frequency Less - Time Paradox (Kwah rx) - RUNE [p]
Jiro - Problems (Offsun rx) - [p]
Andy Faze - Psychedelic Medicine - VIM [p]
Monk3ylogic - Robot Arms - Broken Robot [p]
Slugware - Fractal Error - VIM [p]
Bl1tz - Acid Walk With Me - VIM [p]
MKR - Rush (Direct Input rx) - VIM [p]
Frequency Less - Divine Tantra - Tek [p]
Alt-A - Boom - VIM [p]
Frequency Less - Time Paradox (0rig) - RUNE [p]
Green Firm - Greed - Elektroshok
Frequency Less - Ultranova - Tek [p]
Decoder Inc - Munchen - Elektroshok
Alt-A - Behemoth - VIM [p]
Decoder Inc - Trust - Elektroshok

So that's the end of that. Big love and thanks to all who tuned in, chatted & supported Quexotic Adventures over the years; it was all for you. I'm ending that adventure in order to make space for a new one - I'll be back!

Tonight's Quexotic Adventures will be the 100th episode - and also the last, for the foreseeable future at least. I'm hanging up the headphones on my regular show in order to more effectively broaden my musical horizons. Hope to see you in the chatroom one last time. from 7pm GMT.

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This show from back in September has just gone up on the website. Loads of kick-ass progressive and psychedelic breaks on this one. I'm back on NSB tomorrow (13th Dec) 7pm GMT with more...
A-Mase - Russian Breaks - Morphosis
Dan K, Audio Teq - Morphosis - Morphosis
Bobina - Slow (Cosmonaut rx) - Maelstrom
Tee-Ex - Wonder - Ego Shot
Green Firm - Greed - Elektroshok
Lee Coombs - Lilly In The Sky - Lot49
Tetragonix - B Boy Manifesto (Colombo rx) - Tetragonal
Colombo - Retromus - iBreaks
Open Cluster - Lyra (SevenG rx) - BomBeatz
Chris Voro - Genesis (Z4thoichi rx) - LW
Sunsha - Wild Sensation - iBreaks
Taranhawk, Casey Rasch - Lords Of War (Chris Voro rx) - Critical Overload
Tongue & Groove - Le Sleaze (Monk3ylogic rx) - LW
Chris Voro - The Zion Mainframe (Too Dusty rx) - VIM
Miss Mants - Infusion (Chris Voro rx) - VIM [p]
Vectrix - Power Of Thought - VIM [p]
Guau, Hoomicide - The Beginning Of Life (VIP) - Elektroshok
Sergei Orange - Vitality - RUNE
Frequency Less - Personal Note - KindCrime
Timewave - Undreaming (You Are My Salvation) - Old SQL

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Here's the archive for the special 4/4 show I did back in August: no breaks at all - just 2-and-a-half hours of chunky prog, techno and psytrance!
The Commercial Hippies - Underground Overground
Interactive Noise & Durs - Black Hole
Lucyd - Conflux
Kliment - Ascension
Monk3ylogic - Control The Void (Tongue & Groove rx)
Nok - Silent Sleeper
Phaxe - Angels Of Destruction
Behind Blue Eyes & Phaxe - Medusa (Static Movement rx)
Symphonix - Sick (Tezla rx)
Perfect Stranger & Captain Hook - Perfect Hook (Joujouka rx)
Symphonix - Time Of Punk (Protonica rx)
Phaxe - Unforgotten
Ace Ventura & Rocky - Serotonin Overdose (Gaudium rx)
Dickster & Perfect Stranger - Quantum Physics At Dick's Attic
Perfect Stranger - No.1 (Shayman rx)
Perfect Stranger - Easy
Yotopia & Perfect Stranger - Twist In Hell
Liquid Soul & Zyce ft Solar Kid - We Come In Peace
Durs - Mind Games
Protonica - Subground
Ace Ventura & Zen Mechanics - Digital Beings
Flowjob - Jessica Lee (Motion Drive rx)
The Commercial Hippies - Wave After Wave
Zen Mechanics - Off The Grid
Eskimo - My Rave

Hope you can join us on Sat 29th Nov from 7pm for an extra-epic 4+ hour extravaganza to celebrate 5 years of Quexotic Adventures, featuring not one, not two, but three special guests: PEAK, UNCONSCIOUS MIND(S) and DIGITAL FIST, alongside yours truly with a selection of my favourite tunes from the past half-decade :) Tune in and join the party in the chatroom at

Delighted to bring you an exclusive guestmix from rising star XOOMI on tonight's Quexotic Adventures... tune in from 7pm BST on

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From the leftfield to the rightroyalrave, via heavy electro and luminous psybreaks.

Alien No155 - Music From A Faraway Planet - Deep Garnet [p]
Wolfaktiv - Pause Cafe (Vortecx rx) - [p]
Frequency Less - Hallucinogen Effect (Forufreezer rx) - VIM [p]
Acidova - Cosmic Flow (Blazer rx) - Tek [p]
Poxymusic - Our Break - Hussle n Bussle
Audiotoxin - Sunrise - Spektra
Max Hertzz - Sunrise - Ego Shot [p]
Alt-A - Delusions - Ego Shot [p]
Stefano Prada - Funkytown (Purple Project re-edit) - Under Pressure
Nanoplex - Baby Gravy (Tongue & Groove rx) - Shifty Disko [p]
Nanosphere - Alien Flirtation - Broken Robot [p]
Martopeter - Into Oblivion - Broken Robot
Nanosphere - Dark Energy - Broken Robot [p]
Akash - Aliens vs Machines (Al(UK) rx) - VIM
Frequency Less - Real Drugs - Tek [p]
Toefinger & Soulah - Reality Tunnel (Too Dusty rx) - Yellow Finger [p]
Madmind - Reptilian (Blazer rx) - Neom
Martopeter - Irony - Broken Robot [p]
Alt-A - Never Meant To Be - VIM [p]

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The archives catchup continues: The first half of the show is turned over to a bunch of new midtempo shizzles… the stuff that I call skanky glitch crunk, but everyone else now knows as glitch hop, including several from my new discovery in this field, Royal Blood. Then for the second half we have the pick of the breaks promos.

Next show: This Saturday 17th May 7pm BST
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