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I am not sure where else to report this, but lately I have been getting robo-spam phone calls from numbers all over the US, all telling me that I need to "Verify my Google Plus Business Information" in order to (etc etc etc).

Though I always hang up, I think that it's important you know that this is occurring. The most recent call was from 248-215-0436.
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Cascade Acupuncture Center was the location of my very first acupuncture and "holistic healing" experience, and I am more satisfied than I ever could have imagined. Through a combination of Chinese herbs, allergy elimination and acupuncture, I've seen miraculous improvements in my overall health and well-being in a (somewhat shockingly) short period of time. My chronic fatigue and upper back pain has been almost entirely eliminated, allowing me to go back to participating in outdoor activities I had somewhat abandoned due to my malaise. I feel as though I am able to control the daily stresses of work and life with newfound ease. The staff at Cascade Acupuncture were all so caring and knowledgable and informative it made me feel so comfortable during my visits. The acupuncture rooms are inviting and relaxing, guaranteeing that I slip into a nap every time I sat down for a treatment. The entire facility is warm an inviting. I cannot stop recommending acupuncture (and CAC in particular) to all my friends and family who have illness or chronic ailments that have not seen improvement through modern pharmaceutical therapy. Perhaps, if they had tried acupuncture FIRST, they might have had different results. Thanks to Carola and the whole team! I am happy to continue using acupuncture as a regular addition to my healthcare regime. (Especially now that my health insurance plan - which they accept - covers more regular well-being visits!)
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I LOVE mothers, and my partner and I eat and shop there with extreme frequency. It is the only entirely Vegan grocery store and lunch cafe in the entire Hood River area, and I cannot express in words how happy it makes me. They have rotating kombucha on tap, as well as a selection of home-made soups that are TO DIE FOR (the Hungarian Mushroom is an intense favorite for many, including myself). There are sandwiches, several showcasing Hood River's own Tofurkey products, as well as hummus wraps and salads...all pre-made and ready to grab and go. The smoothie/juice bar is available in back for those who prefer their lunch liquified. OH, and they also make vegan pizza, with an assortment of random toppings - no requests, you just get what they make that day - and the house-made cheezy tahini sauce they put on top makes regular cheese cry with shame. But good luck getting the pizza...they don't make a lot, and the two of us have usually cleared them out of it by 1pm. :) Maybe they'll start making more. Mother's also makes a whole slew of their own delicious products: Toum (aka Garlic Crack), assorted tahini "cheez" sauces and ground nut butters. In the back they have a bulk section and refrigerators that house bags of carob nut clusters (carob has never tasted this good) and assorted nuts (the Spicy Thai Cashews are a favorite). If you go to other grocery stores and ask for items that make the employees give you blank "Huh?" stares, Mother's is the place that will know what you're talking about and likely have it in stock. They've been a staple in the Gorge for many years, and I hope many, many, MANY more. Give them a visit next time you're in town. The staff and the products are FANTASTIC.
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I hadn't owned a car in about ten years and had never purchased a used car on my own before I found myself browsing the Chuck Wise online inventory. There I found exactly the used Toyota truck I was looking for, and the condition of all I had looked at online were accurately reflected on the lot. If you are in the market for an older Toyota truck, they have the largest selection in the Portland area, without question, all reasonably priced. The salespeople were friendly and no frills, which I appreciate! No hassling, no pushing, and straight answers to my questions. They were kind enough to stay open a little late for us on multiple occasions to accommodate our schedule, which was a blessing. Chuck Wise and his son Matt were a pleasure to work with, and were completely reasonable on negotiating a price for the truck I wanted. I would definitely recommend them many times over.
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