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Seriously, Google, how does gmail not work in YOUR OWN BROWSER?  Seriously.

Steven Sinofsky leaving Microsoft is a bad omen. Windows 8 on a tablet with touch and a stylus is the best user experience I've ever had. Apple has abandoned its artist user base, and windows is poised to excel in  user  friendly-ness AND power usage, but with Microsoft ditching the guy who brought  me back from the edge of switching to apple I'm nervous about committing to the full windows ecosystem. I'm THIS close to getting a WP8, too. 

Dear instagram,
It might not be related, but ever since you got bought by Facebook you don't work so well.

Just looked at the info on my Facebook profile that zynga had been accessing. Horrifying. There is no reason they would need to know any of the information they accessed. Pretty much everything. Zynga is awful. Stop using and delete their apps. 

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