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Buzzing with curiosity
I need a steep learning curve, always have, always will. If
you want me to stay interested in something, you have to keep my attention,
once I know all the rules and the shortcuts and have learned all the
information, if there still isn’t learning involved,...
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It’s time to drag the little people outside.
No, no, no, I’m not talking about leprechauns, I’m talking
about human between the ages of 2 and 17. I’m very specific about the age group
since a market research company called NPD Group recently determined that 91%
of that age group plays some sort of vid...
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Loathing and loving in the plant world.
I try to not use the “h” word as I think the negativity it
connotes is pretty heavy and I’m really more of a lover than a hater. However
when it comes to this one specific plant, I’m a card carrying, big time, hater.  Have you heard me rant about Lesser
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Houseplants at the Beach
I’m writing this sitting next to the largest begonia I have ever
seen, almost the same size as an Endless Summer hydrangea, which is growing in
almost pure sand about as far from the Caribbean Ocean as I could hurl a flip
flop. It’s a mind blower. Not to me...
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Trying to be better.
I garden for a lot of reasons – because I love flowers,
because digging in the dirt, with a trowel or a shovel, with my fingers and my
toes, makes me feel grounded, but mostly because I love the natural world. I’m
a biophiliac, and as such I worry about my ...
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Being a biophiliac
I discovered a new word today, one that I wish to throw
around with wild abandon and share with everyone. Biophilia. A word first
used by Erich Fromm, a German born American psychoanalyst in his 1973 treatise The
Anatomy of Human Destructiveness , a word he...
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Too Many Apples
When I bought my house 20 plus years ago, I hadn’t actually
been in the structure. In fact the only time I had even been on the property
was ages earlier, when as a child, I had decided that I wanted to meet the man
who was raising bees in an ancient collec...
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There’s a hole in my heart.
There have been enormous changes in this area in the 50 plus
years that I’ve been living here, and there have been many things that I grew
up always expecting to remain that no longer do. Wonderful places that no only remain
in photographs, super 8 movies, ...
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Explainations of Acorns
There are about a billion acorns all over the ground this
fall and people keep asking me what it means. I had always heard that a huge
number of acorns presages a cold winter, a winter that arrives late and is bone
achingly cold, but honestly neither I, nor...
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Thinking Yellow Thoughts on a Gray Day
I used to say I didn’t want any yellow in my garden, which
is sort of strange because I happen to really like all kinds of yellow as a
color. I wore yellow, I used yellow in my paintings, I even had yellow in the
art I hung on my walls, but I really didn’t ...
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