Google Community Managers

If you are new to G+, here is a list of Google CM's for Google-related news and announcements:

Katherine Gramann, CM for Google+ Hangouts
Brian Rose, CM for Google+ Photos
Toby Stein, CM for Google+ Mobile
Natalie Villalobos, CM for Google+ Project

Sky Bintliff, CM for Picnik
Melissa Daniels, CM for Chrome OS
Lisa Ding, CM for Blogger
Nicole Drobeck, CM for 3D
Kelly Fee, CM for Web Search
Mark Harrison, CM for SketchUp
Jacky Hayward, CM for Chrome
Jonathan Lally, CM for Voice
Adrienne Bernakevitch Ludwick, CM for Calendar
Daniel Mabasa, CM for Maps
Sarah Price, CM for Gmail
Gerard Sanz, CM for Panoramio
Vanessa Schneider, CM for Places
Paul Wilcox, CM for Mobile
Teresa Wu, CM for Docs
Robin Ziegler, CM for Google Earth

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