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Transfer, Export, or Backup Photos From Facebook to Google+

If you didn't already know, Picasa is being renamed to Google Photos. Because of Google Plus, there is now unlimited storage for any photos ≤ 2048 x 2048 resolution or videos < 15 minutes long ( Anything larger counts toward the free 1GB allowance, and uploading super large photos after reaching the 1GB mark will automatically be resized to become less than 2048px. Keyboard shortcuts for viewing and editing albums in Picasa can also be found here: (not functional within G+ itself... yet).

Move2Picasa has been renamed to MoveYourPhotos ( Due to high demand, they have transitioned to a Chrome extension ( This is your best option if you don't want to manually upload pics to G+.

The rest of these options will download or archive FB photos to your computer (and then you can upload them to G+):

Pick 'n Zip ( is a handy online tool if you don't use Chrome or don't want to download and install an application to your PC. Albums can be downloaded in .zip or .pdf form.

Photograbber ( is a versatile & simple program that allows you to download pics according to who is tagged in the photo. This option is good for downloading specific photos of multiple people across multiple albums (instead of en masse, although you can do that too).

FB Downloader ( is a free installation and does more of the same as above (obtains photos tagged of you, your albums, and some friend's albums).

FB Album ( is another Chrome extension that downloads an HTML thumbnail preview of pics linked to the original photos in a folder.

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EDIT: An Unofficial Google Plus Blog ( has a detailed step-by-step walkthrough of how to transfer your pictures, videos, and contacts from FB to G+ without any additional 3rd-party software.
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my photos are on an old computer in Picasa from which i want to get them to my new computer into Google + photos
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