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I fully expected that, by the end of the century, we would have achieved substantially more than we actually did. --Neil Armstrong

Hmmm, I know NASA's funding is in here somewhere...

<forages around>

Oh hey, there it is!

NASA gets approximately half a percent of the total federal budget... . Imagine what they could do if their budget was doubled to 1 whole percent!

To put things in perspective, Americans spend 1.5 times that amount on pizza and 5 times that amount on tobacco each year.
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it is sad we cant even repeat John Glenn's flight from 50 yrs ago.
IMHO this graphic distorts our spending by relying on gov't categories.

There are extraordinary military expenditures that are spread throughout the budget.

For example, nuclear weapons research in DOE, an estimated $1 Trillion in care for wounded Iraq and Afghani veterans in VA/ health, intelligence, homeland security and more, all military expenses not listed under DOD.
+michael interbartolo Perhaps I should focus on the positive and say it's pretty amazing what you guys can do with what you do have.

I imagine you guys will have to shift things around internally to deal with budget cuts. How does this directly affect Mars ISRU progress vs. other areas within NASA?
our mars ISRU work got shutdown in January but we are working on a proposal for Spacex 2018 Red Dragon flight. in the mean time to stay visible we are trying to use the water processing module with the MMSEV demo to regen their fuel cell. the big 3 got their funding (james webb, SLS/MPCV, and ISS) the rest including commercial cargo/crew funding got hit. exomars got cancelled as well as some other science.
It's sad that only 1% goes to Science and 2.5% goes to education.
Don't forget that this is only federal spending. How much do states spend, and on what?
Chris Uhlik
Imagine how competitive we might be if we spent 27% on science and 1% on military.

Imagine what medical technology we might have if we spend 21.4% on medical science instead of treating people.

This is the difference between "spending" and "investing". Our government over-spends and under-invests.
medicare needs to go. military needs to be cut in half at least.
I can't understand some people there doesn't want to spend money in "treating people". ALL People should have the universal right of having full access to medicine!!!!
priority must be for the young not old and dying anyways.
+Miguel Ángel Valentín Naranjo We spend billions of dollars per year treating diabetes. I believe that if we spent half of that money for 20 years, we could cure diabetes and treat everyone more successfully with less than half the money. Sure many people would die a few years earlier, but in the long run more people would be much better off. I think this applies to all diseases, including aging. Make treatments cheap and effective enough that people can just buy them with their own money (like asperin).
I agree, my dad has gotten depression from diabetes and being given medicine that only takes the symptoms away not the illness, it isn't life threatening but like u say the money should be spent more efficiently.
Not to throw a monkey wrench in things but lets say we did revise where we spent our money. If we spent more in education what curriculum would we teach? Would we follow the scientific method adopted by the scientific community or would we emphasize creation science instead? Or some weird combination of both. As much as I would love a shift in our spending I'd also be concerned what exactly we would be teaching the youth. In some strange way at least with the military you know you're spending it on a bullet, or a F-... whatever number we're on now.
Andy L
27% for science and 1% for military. Sounds good. If we lived in a perfect world. We don't.
I foresee a lot of military spending bashing going on here. Too bad it's more complicated than a picture of a cut up dollar bill.
I don't see the portion for hookers and vacations?
+Max Lanz, it is more complicated, and that itself is a problem. Granted, there's a large amount of service members, bases, equipment, et cetera to consider, but the difference is still excessive and it should be simplified for us to realize the true problem.
NASA's entire 50+ year budget was less than the TARP bailout fund of last year.
+Chris Uhlik I understand your point of view, but I disagree:
-Those diabetics are people, they have the right to live, even that needs money.
-I agree with you that MANY more moneyy should be invested in science. But I think that money should come from reducing military money, not medicare money, or any other "social" tax.
I don't see why Space exploration should be Government sponsored. If you want to band together with other like minded people and pay for it, go ahead but don't tax me to pay for your pet projects
I think we need to start another war;-)
This is horrifically misleading because it only takes into account where income taxes are spent. If you take into account all other government revenue, as well as spending which isn't covered by revenue (deficit), you will see that entitlement expenditures dwarf defense spending by quite a lot.
How much of it went to hookers for the Secret Service? That category didn't seem to make the list.
+Allen l, probably should consider the ramifications of the technology developed to do those trips and what they mean for you. Sure, you don't benefit from the flight itself, but next time you're in a car crash, or your child takes a hit playing football - you'll be glad someone thought of a practical application for technology they used in space deployments. Fact of the matter is that everything is linked, and you paying taxes for something you think is frivolous (like space flights) is the same reason I pay taxes for something I think is frivolous (like military bases in far-flung countries we have no business basing soldiers for 50+ years). There's a benefit that we may not readily see.
and god bless the united states of americuhh
With only 2.5% of budget spent on education and only 1% spent on science, I'd say the country is heading straight into the new Dark Ages...
Can't help but notice they used a $1 bill in there little diagram. What the hell does a dollar buy anyway? Oh yeah! I know a quarter of a gallon of gas.
Yeah what +Allen l said. Why should the most innovative, successful, well meaning and beneficial program for all mankind take a single tax dollar away from much more important things like tax deductions for buying a Hummer?

It's not like some of the worlds most incredible scientific discoveries and eventual bi-products came about because of research done by NASA. I am sure it only takes a few like minded people to send a rocket propelled ship out of the earths atmosphere safely for a multi-year, multi-member mission to Mars and get them back. I mean how hard could it be to reach a planet that looks as small as a star in the night sky?

And why do we need protecting from giant asteroids on collision course with our planet? So we have less than a year to figure out a way to keep one from destroying most of the west coast of America.

Is preserving the species really the job of the Government?

After all, those people who will die are all consumers, private industry should fit the bill, the invisible hand of the market has spoken. I'm sure if they wanted too it would be no big deal for corporations to close the gap on NASA's 50 year head start in the field.

Besides destroying life on Earth must be what Jesus wants, otherwise it wouldn't happen. Why do you wanna go about saving a bunch of innocent people, or looking for possible new worlds for future generations to migrate too, anyway? BORING!

Let's instead give that 1% to the 1% where it can do some real good.

(Self Sarcasm Test Completed)
military should be at least a quarter of what it is. our military influence goes way farther and beyond 100 countries... medicare needs to be shut down as well. all that did was force people onto health insurance, and increased health expenses. i can't go to the doctor for a fever with out paying a grand for it. lol(exaggeration)
Income taxes (personal, payroll, corporate) make up more than about 95% of income for the government, excise taxes make up so little as to not really even be relevant.
As for why it should be government sponsored is simple, there's no money in space exploration. The money comes from what ends up being developed to make that happen. Corporate minds expect Action A to produce Result A, not Result Q.
luis is right what do we need a military for? oh wait because there are tons of countries who hate the united states and would take advantage of us if we cut it to a quarter of what it is now.. that is a crazy amount to cut anyways we wouldn't have enough soldiers to keep our boarders safe let alone protect our interests overseas.
Yeah, and just think what we could do if we cut the fraud out of Medicare (saving about 5% of the expense), cut Defense down by 1/3 (saving 9%) and got rid of the debt (14%). We'd be running a surplus and be able to throw at least a few percent to NASA and medical science.

And what the heck are we spending 4.3% on Food and Agriculture? Is our Gov't now growing food??? Oh yeah, we pay farmers to NOT farm.

Our gov't is SO out of control.
+Donald Hume Good view. I agree, America should lower it's military spending, and increase it's science productivity, while making sure to not invest into bankrupt companies such as Solyndra. We need more "possible" investments. We can soar to the top of the world's powers if we can focus on education and science.
What a poor political someone that new all care as a republic supportarian lol would love to view.
+Drew Guingrich we have an uncontrollable money issue. how can we fund a military behemoth while our very own currency took a strong punch. over 100s of countries we occupy. we have say maybe 2 or 3 bases on each. i'm sure 1/4 of current spending is enough. it returns our boys/gals home...closes a couple of those unneeded bases, and put some soldiers on the borders back home... and its not "our" interest.. most of us never wanted a war, because fear mongered people like you actually believe this "war on terror" is legit. and now theres talk about were heading to Iran...cmon we just left iraq... WW2 lasted half a decade... we've been in afganistan for OVER a decade. Unlike you i dont believe in the same terror that you're afraid of.

cmon iran getting nukes??? they've been saying that since the 80's.
hmm.. how are we going to do that? May be getting a brand new set of folks in congress would be easier :)
Focus on our own planet? That would be the 2.5c on education (excluding the bits that go towards teaching things like creationism) & Environment 1.9c. Still a lot of waste there. And, BTW, space technology research yields tremendous wads of discovery and invention for the other sciences.
Greg Q
Interesting to compare with Australia.
For AU$1 of tax paid, 33c spent on Social Security & Welfare (12.2c in US), 16c on health (21.4c in US), 8% on education (2.5c in US), 6c on defence (27c in US), 26c on general govt services, 4c on industry & workforce, 4c on infrastructure, transport & energy, 2c on community services & culture (37% in both AU & US on these items).
Source of Australian data:
Perhaps, if we spent 27 c on Education we would only need 2.5 c for the military. If we spent 21.4 c on Food and Agriculture we would only need 4.3 c for Medicare. Energy and Environment 12 c , we would only need 1.9c for Unemployment and Social Security. Why are we so Back ASSWARDS?
That's why WE don't speak German, Thoralf!
Focus on Education, FOod, Energy, and Environment...hmmm. Solutions are cheap!
Science should account for 25% of our budget followed by education and then the military.
i can do that with a pair of sissors!!
The "we need all the military we have" explanation is getting a bit old. Even if you would need military world dominance (and for the sake of argumentation let's assume you do) then 27% is still nuts. You don't need to outspend the whole world combined to be dominant.
Debt? WTF! Who is borrowing and what are they buying? Cars we can't afford, houses too big for our jobs, ...true point Jonathan.
@Peter Lassen
Germany couldn't have taken over the United States. #factcheck
Screw NASA. I'd rather my money go somewhere else. 
We need to be able to crush rogue nations like North Korea and Iran. Our Government's primary job is to keep U.S. safe.
The people have no voice because no one is listening. If you believe what the silly box tells you, go with it. Terrible people is just a state of mind. Change with awareness of who we really are by starting with what feels right in our HEART... its not just a blood delivery organ.
What if we took the money out of "unemployment" and put it into NASA? Do something productive with it.... Could be interesting.
you can have your $20 dollars back and go ....NASA is way more interesting
Wow....diut prangko ato prangko duit?
america seriously needs to move some stuff around
Okay, who cut's up a dollar like that??? o_O
damn! I'm not American but this looks sad :(
haha replace science with military and one year would equal 5 in terms of technological advancement for humanity, not just some rednecks playing with apaches shooting down civilians outside us borders...
Ah yes, the USA, bastion of freedom and democracy, it is if you are super rich and white, and can buy your political representation
Great to see America is looking to the future...... NOT - with only 2.5 on Education, 1.9 on Energy & Environment and 1 on Science Military funding is receiving 5 TIMES more than those 3 important areas!!! I'm Australian and thought things were bad here but WOW that's just insanity :O
For God Sake American People u are being fooled by your government ,why r u paying for Military bases all around the world even in those places about which one never heard off ,from your money innocent people are being killed in Afghanistan,Palestine,Iraq etc..
Its time to come home ......
So true. America need to keep their fucking noses out of other peoples business
We need to invest in America and give Education/Energy/Environment and Science a much larger piece of that pie.
i am an american and i never see a dine hahahaha
When a government begins to spend more on the military, they've already lost sight of what is important. The only quick fix in their thinking is get what is needed by force. America's problem is not its people but its elected officials that are forcing their own agenda bought by big corporations. These Corporations are throughout the world. Don't think this kind of thinking want effect the world, it is.
WOW: Military 27c - Education 2.5c!
ko min
dollar divided value is usa policy
This is only showing where Federal spending goes. That is why education spending seems low. State spending pays for a large portion of education.

We already spend more money on education than most other developed countries and still have lower test scores. Spending more isn't the answer for education. The system needs to be fixed first.
Yeah, well, Nasa has also been spectactular at wasting the billions and years that it DID get from the U.S. population. In the meantime the private space industry is coming up with prototypes and flights which do pretty well for themselves.
+ Jonathan kim, everyone is dying every second of our lives we are that much closer to death. Js.
How about removing interest on the debt and deduct 1/4 spent on government put that toward education & science. In a perfect world. 
Considering the U.S. Military is the most powerful in the world and the runner up is nowhere close, why not cut out some of our insanely huge military budget? Hell, we already have enough nuclear weapons to end life on earth, so why even have so much invested in our military? Now if disarmament were to occur, things would be different, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

If we want to develop as a species and global community, war needs to be treated in the obsolete manner it is. Rather than investing more in our war funds, why not enlarge those smaller percentages, i.e., Scientific Research, International Affairs, Education, and Energy & Environment?

Those are much more important in my opinion because without those, there's no actual point in war anyway. Without scientific progress, better weapons cannot be manufactured; if there are no international affairs, then there is no way of successfully negotiating out of (and others to side with you in) warfare; the more educated the society, the better they can develop stronger, more powerful military strategies and weaponry; energy consumption is vital to the military because without it, there would be nothing to power the war effort efficiently.

Then again, the United States of America is run by an Idiocracy and I doubt the ass-backward policies [our] nation has in place will change within the next decade or two. If so, it'll only be due to revolution because at this current point in time, the U.S. Government has more control than the people does—at least, it seems that way nowadays.
this lends itself to and earlier post I submitted about allowing millionaires take over outer space travel. I mentioned how many grumbled when President Obama shut down the space program and said simply, I thought we would have been more advanced and gone further by now! the space shuttle only served to ferry people back and forth with an occasional mission like the Hubble, but those were far and few in between. many say how come we have not gone to the moon again? good question, why haven't we? or beyond? the problem with private investment in space are the intentions and that is what we have to guard against, the bribes will be plentiful and the times that we will suffer catastrophic accidents and loss of life will be many but do we shun back from the challenges or forge ahead? yes it will take money and yes even now those reading will cast a negative look but what happens when it is China who is on the moon? or India? or another country other than the USA? will we feel as proud? will we applaud the effort and achievement, I doubt it and then if they do we will remember that if we paid an extra penny in taxes it would have been us.
We could've been in the future!
NASA gave us computers, to dream bigger, and Tang. Now, all we have are memories of NASA's dreams-colonizing the moon, space stations, using the moon as a base to Mars, and reusable space ships. NASA got one right and now there is nothing. And the dollar is worth less and the Fed continues to print more money. Another bubble?
faisal malik are u related to zayn malik from one direction
I am not american... Still, pretty cool :D
haha...yea thats true..tho!itz goes off betwen momentz
since didnt file, most of u spotted mee, thx suppose in order
How about we cancel the ineffective and wasteful 'War on Drugs' and give the money to Technology Research? How about focusing on protecting our shores (America) and Citizens and not trying to police the Planet? Take some of that wasted money and Fund Research and Development (Private & Public). We should be at 'Warp Speed' yet we still live in caves!
I,m totally agree with Skip Stein

Wow the Military has a lot of money. I wish I had that much money!
I think it's sad so little goes towards science and even worse, education! Speaks volumes. When & Why did science & education become the least priority and a bad thing? (Rhetorical)
Scientific research, lots of it, couched within military expense?. 
Since medical costs in the USA are, per person, around double those in other industrialised countries, move to a single payer universal system and save a bundle. Do that on top of cuts to military (the 1/3 mentioned would still leave you with the highest expenditure in the world by a huge margin) and that will, gradually, cut veteran benefits as well.
+Yancey Larochelle Are you saying that none of that stuff would not have been invented anyways? The point that the US is spending way to much money on the military ( Which I agree that we are spending to much) has no bearing on the debate about government funding of space exploration unless the expenditures are for military purposes like putting up satellites. Though we could cut spending for the military and we should, defending the country is one of the few legitimate purposes of a government.
Glad to know that the majority of my tax money went to organized mass murder and not something stupid like Science...
Too Busy creating facebook. No time for real work, hahaha!
oh lovely stuff, we ought to care for everything that we do, without it there is no lasting peace, care , care , care for yourself, a friend, a family, a country
LOL @ Military. I see that America is turning into North Korea with the "Strong Military" policy. Next you'll have starving people in America for the next rocket launch.
Well they sure have it worked out..
It's funny the people who want to cut military spending generally are the people who have never had any involvement in the military. I think there needs to be a more conscious effort to increase efficiency in regards to defense spending, but honestly if you think the military is rolling in cash you've lost your mind.
Anyone who says that by providing bread and circuses Rome was SMART clearly has no understanding of history, namely how Rome fell far before the barbarians invaded because they 1. Had a welfare system they couldn't support 2. Had a lot of outside people in their military/politics and 3. Were bankrupting themselves through outrageous government spending.... Sound like anything familiar?
Education and health care are not bread and circuses and are the foundation for a future. That future has been co-opted by war corporatism and imperial agenda. This is not paranoid speculation, this is factual. +Joe Magby , your analogy is invalid. What you say is akin to the federal govt. subsidizing American Idol and not a fair or accurate comparison.
The military is what keeps you ungrateful fucks alive and able to talk all the shit you want, if you ask me you are all traitors and should be thrown out of the country!!!!! If you are a civilian stay out of military affairs because you have no clue what your talking about!!! Here something you probably never thought of you idiot traitors if you cut the military in half how will all those soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines support their family???? 
+Johnny bautista Johnny, the military in this country under is under civilian control. If I stay out of affairs of military as you suggest I will be violating the terms of my Oath of Naturalization and my duties as a citizen. Please study the system which the military has sworn to defend before saying something this ignorant again. And please remember that I'm not trying to be rude. The Founders put military under civilian control for a reason. Having lived in a country where arrangement was different, I have better appreciation for that reason then most.

Also, for everyone else commenting, I do not agree that military should be cut in half. Simply cutting large systems like that leads to chaos and corruption. If you want to shrink size of military because it is too big, argument for which could be made, I'd suggest doing it gradually.
Greg B
What we spend on the military is directly influenced by real and perceived threats in the world. Threats to the US population and interests. However, priorities, budgets and spending are set by the Whitehouse and Congress.

We should be greatful for the dedication and sacrifice of the folks in the military.

We should be good stewards of other people's money.

We should be shifting federal government budget to the states, where spending can be better influenced by the people. 
I'll admit that our budget needs some reworking, but I think it is much more interesting to look at the tax rates. There are no budget issues when you have plenty of money coming in to pay for all of the projects, so looking back to say 1944, the lowest tax rate was 23% and the highest tax rate was 94%.

In 2010 the lowest tax rate was 10% and the highest was 35%. You can say all day long that we need to cut our budget, and I will agree with you on it as well, but you can't solve all of our budget issues and pay for the programs we want, if we don't pay the taxes for them.

If we want our nation to get out of debt, we need to cut excess spending in the budget AND pay more taxes.

Tax information for the last 100 years is in the link below.
You are 1/100th over. Do the math. Send the xtra money to me
27% on the military, that is absolutely discusting. Sort it out bar
+Divan Visagie I don't really see it as positive, since we spend nearly the most, and have the most unhealthy citizens...
در گوشی مفهومش روشن نیست
Mike Nichols - +Johnny bautista if you think by disagreeing with the way our government spends our money is un-american then you sir forgot what it is to be an American!
Thanks for putting it in perspective: interesting to see where it all goes :(
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