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The Real Me

This is how I hang out on Google+ :) How about you?
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This is true, more metaphorically for me though :)
I haven't done any hangouts on G+ yet, but when I do, I will probably do something like this. Either that, or make a screen/shell...
LOL! Thanks Jonathon. At least the background (behind your head) looks tidy! The lesson here is: Don't put your webcam on your ceiling!
Very similar, except for one Hangout with a 3-hour time difference. I was trying to make coffee and participate, walking around in kitchen and living room with my iPad.
I got a laugh out of it. Reminds me of +Lynette Young's post on "You Know You're Addicted to Google+ When..." where she said "Your desk looks like a bomb went off on it, but any area that shows up 'in frame' on a Hangout looks like a television studio."

+Jon Pederson Yeah, a curtain backdrop will probably do the trick :) Hangouts can be a lot of fun. Search for "Beginner Hangout Saturdays" and you'll find people hanging out all the time who would be glad to welcome you.

+Akram HINDI There goes my secret to a nice clean room!
+John Abbott That's a nice sentiment. It's funny the things we remember or the things that trigger certain memories.
...ahhh the internet friends that we have!!!! we are sooo internet popular!!!! (@-@).........
4 dimension ( information) mooving to 5 , :)
hope mine is gunna b like that
The few times I do webcam, it's usually against the wall. That way, the recipient of my stream sees nothing but my ugly face and the white wall behind it.

Works pretty well.
hahaha hehehe lolololol
That is awesome. And so true!
Most sci-fi books with 3D video conferencing make use of filters, avatars, and other artificial devices to avoid this. Come on G+, where's my Brad Pitt avatar in the Oval Office?
Missy K
hehehe sooo true lol
very interesting picture. I could not even sleep ..
cough hang on while I just clear all this crap off the bed...
Not me but I can tell you there are billions of people out there that are even worse than this guy. Example: kids on fb
I was thinking we have a new market for Chinese folding screens, but that'll work, too.
My my too busy hanging out aren't we? But at least it's the real you. =)
No I feel guilty about my room not being clean so I stall for the entire conversation while I run around cleaning stuff. Then they have to leave and I feel bad for it not being clean in the first place and give up.
PS. Just recently cleaned my entire room. No more excuses it's perfect!
Arek F
Haha so funny
hahahahahaha I would do that when I want to hangout ;-)
Trololololol that's totally me for realsies
ha i get it the person on the other end can only see the clean side
Who has time to sleep in a Facebook universe?
Nah...c, I don't take all that time...I just sit with my back 2 the wall :D
Yep, exactly my room.

Btw original source:
Great minds think alike ...
close i just have a direct path to the computer and bed
I need to get my wife into video-chatting: there'd at least be wedges of clean, then.
jk karr
lol party whats soup at the party to night.
No wonder why his room is messy.....he has no closet :P
Computer tower does divert away from some of the mess.
So funny and true! I don't video chat, but I have friends (wait did I say I have friends) that do!
Took a few seconds to get it but , very good, problem is i do not even clean up
And with the camera always above the shoulder
hahahahahahahahahahahahaha that is too funny!!
When I was a kid (late 1940s) my big sister would come into my room and 'make a path' from the door to the bed to the closet to the dresser. Actually cleaning my room was too much for anyone. (She also would remove the moldy dishes from under my bed.) Plus ca change...
Excellent! So true. We all look better online !
That is hilarious!! Can relate to that all too well! :)
My apt is so small, that when I video chat you can actually see my entire apartment. It's a little sad, actually :-/
Matt N
trashy shit bro :p
what to say and not to spoil :) :) Picture = 1000 words :) :) :) +1 man ;)
Unfortunately my office is kind of the opposite :( I need to work on that.
HEY, that's what I do!!!!! I'm kidding, I'm kidding
Would anyone like to meet me I'm nice and kind and bored someone would like to chat I'm here thank u
HA!! this is why i've been thinking about putting up a background behind me!! =D
That is very funny, if you ever have free time view my videos. I'm working on a line of shirts for less fortunate people. Just a start nothing yet but in near future. thanks!
What's with all the crap on the sides of the room?
Really funny picture. I'm trying to steal this picture but I can't. Where can I get it so I can repost? LOL
meh.. i dont care if people judge me.
Hahaha!!! I would do the same :P No one needs to see the real mess...
niceeee-like it -having a good nite-u??
I like the way trash is arranged for google+ frens to see
judging-is a part of life-just like-eating-lol
+Kichu Kishor what it shows is that he's putting away all the mess in the room so people can't see it in the hangout :P
Hah! This is a brilliant idea for when I finally get my mom to video chat with me. :D
At least you're honest about it. :)
who wants to be my friend
His room is cleaned so that it doesn't look dirty in video chat when it actually is.
Cass Ng
Oh so true (for those still learning) !
like the bottom one better
easier to put the PC to face the wall right next to you, and keep all the garbage behind the PC..
Clear a visual path so it looks like I'm neat and tidy. Oooops, you didn't see that dirty sock hanging over the monitor, did you? LOL.
one question where is his bed?????
helo ma people. Wots hapening!
That's like a picture of me but i've got hairs. Nice one ! :-P
hahaha thats funny....i guess people do do that.. xD
yeh alot of peeps do dis even meh

He,he . . . scary similar to reality!!!
That's pretty tidy ! Can't see the pizza box pile nor the beer bottles :-)
so many comments just so many.but cool
Censorship Sometimes is a good thing;)!~
wow i know some one who actually did that no joke lol
Cu Lu
Nice funny . ! :) good ideal:)!!!
Too bad your mirror gives it away. Nice one though!
Hey! Who broke into my apartment & got on my computer? My "ceiling cam" can't make out his face on my tiny iPhone . . . @hg47
This is so funny because its so true.
Very realistic insight into the life of a Google+ user...
Ryan D
Lmao i dont have a bed either
this is you!!!!!!!!!! heheheheheh
Awww see, video chatting can be manipulated too. LOL.
Inna Z
Last comment!!
hmmm, this is hilarious and deserves 500 comments :D
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