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Circle Sunday and the Public Circles Project are all about sharing and showcasing people whose content you find to be interesting, inspiring, thoughtful, useful, or helpful in some way. These are just my personal recommendations for anyone seeking to broaden their circles and horizons to include great G+ content. I will update this list periodically.

August 29, 2011 - Interesting people to follow

Ahmed Zeeshan continually shapes the G+ community through interactive and thoughtful content for beginners and advanced users alike:

Alida Brandenburg has a knack for eliciting insightful discussions over popular or controversial subjects and promotes critical analysis of deeper issues while having fun:

Ryan Crowe is the "G+ Tips Guy" who provides invaluable G+ advice and knowledge to make for a smoother and more enjoyable G+ experience:

Tarah Gaa is an Interactive Art Director and Designer with an interest in videography, photography, and writing:

Glenn Rogers is a blogger with sarcastic humor, a quick quip, and predilection for pithy pondering:

August 7, 2011 - Circle Sunday

Here are my picks for today's selection of people who often have something interesting to share, teach, show, or tell.

High-voltage Enthusiast:
Peter Terren ("Dr. Electric") will light up your Stream with posts about lasers, electromagnets, Tesla coils (this ain't yo' grandparents' Van de Graaff generator), and more!

Physics & Outerspace:
Amine Benaichousche (Theoretical & Particle Physicist at CERN) often has passionate discussions and insight to physics and astronomy.

Researcher, Writer, & Therapist:
Andrea Kuszewski on psychology, communication, and visual art.

Design & Creativity:
Maria Popova ("Interestingness curator" & Editor of Brain Pickings) frequently posts about design, art, creativity, and a variety of thoughtful content:

Interactive Entertainment:
John Herman (Google+ Hangout Game Show Host) has brought fun & prizes with a competitive spirit to Hangouts with his weekly Monday Game Show.

NYC Photography:
Vivienne Gucwa frequently describes the background, history, and/or motivation behind her excellent photos of New York City.

Rob Michael is a jazz guitarist who has held Hangout teaching & jam sessions.

Google+ Podcast:
Nick "The Podsmith" Allain has started a weekly Google Plus News Show combined with their own Circle Sunday recommendations.
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Great list! I can't wait to see how these awesome folks add more variety to my Stream.
Thank you for the interesting list!
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