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NOTE: This list is no longer maintained here since August 2011. All future updates and content have been migrated to . My post on G+ that introduces this more extensive collection of resources can be found here:


This post is obviously not meant to be an all-inclusive list, just some links accrued in my corner of the G+ world. There was no specific "criteria" for what has been included, just links I stumbled upon or found to be helpful and useful. Original authors' links have been included when possible. A lot of information is probably definitely repeated within the detailed guides, but some of it is not.

I sent this list to +Mariva H. Aviram to include in a public Google Document ( so that updated information will be available when the link is re-visited later on (instead of scouring the web for fragmented re-shared posts). Essentially, it is a compilation of compilations that anyone can edit and contribute to.

+Melody Lynn has also compiled a "MothaLode" list of resources ( that will hopefully be assimilated into Mariva's document as well.

There is a mind-boggling myriad of excellent content out there, so keep creating and sharing, particularly with newer users of G+.

Last Updated August 2, 2011


| Get Started | Detailed Guides | Managing Photos |
| Organizing Circles | Hangouts | G+ People, News, & Stats |
| Extensions & Tools | Suggestions & Feedback | Privacy |


Google+ Cheat Sheets 1 & 2 by Simon Laustsen (many translations available): ,
Another longer Cheat Sheet infographic by Technostreak:
Google+ Start-Up Guide basic illustrated overview by Saidur Hossain:
Google+ Guide: 15 Tips for Newbies by Craig Kanalley:
Welcome to Google+ by Trevor MacInnis:
New User Orientation links compiled by Dain Binder:
Google Plus 101: How to Get Started blog by Rana Shahbaz:
Google+ Starter Pack by Ahmed Zeeshan:
Transitioning from Facebook to G+ by Ahmed Zeeshan:
How to Upload Your Address Book of contacts by Paul Lindner:
Infographic Comparing Features of G+, FB, & Twitter by Blogging Innovation:


How Do I Make the Most of G+ by Alan Henry from Lifehacker:
The Complete Guide to G+ by Mashable's Ben Parr:
40 Google+ Tips and Tricks for Power Users by PCWorld:
Collaborative Google Doc Google+ Manual:
Unofficial Google+ Wiki by Szabolcs Feczak:
GooglePlusTips Wiki by Tangient LLC:
Local SEO Guide's Google+ Tips & Shortcuts by Andrew Shotland:
Google+ Resources: Guides/Tips/Tutorials by Joe Sabado:
Google+ | The Early Adopter's Guide by Ahmed Zeeshan:
Google+ Survival Guide for Photographers by Colby Brown:
G+ Tips Compilation by Akasha Tsang:


Official Picasa Web Albums FAQ - Free storage limits:
Google+ Terms of Service illustrated explanation by Ryan Estrada:
Additional Information on G+ Licensing Terms by Vincent Mo and tech lawyer Denise Howell:
Ways to Transfer Photos from Facebook to Google+ by Johnathan Chung:
How to Rearrange the Order of Photos in an Album by Ryan Estrada:
Prevent Ordering of Prints or Downloading of Images tip from Cora Reed:
Easy 1-minute Tutorial on How to share a single photo on GooglePlus by James Lawson-Smith.
G+ Profile Panorama by Raphael Wildhaber automatically creates a picture panel for your "About" page:
Choose or Create Your Own G+ Banner:
Fast Action Guide to Photosharing on G+ by Enrique Gutierrez:
Create a Quick G+Fan Profile Picture:


Dividing, Nesting, & Prioritizing Circles by Ahmed Zeeshan:
Quick way to remove large numbers of duplicate entries from multiple circles by Johnathan Chung:


Where to Hangout at Google+ - Announce or schedule a public Hangout:
Hangout Party - Public broadcast of hangouts with chat:
Hangouts Finder by Bryan Bamford:
Google+ Cooking School by Lee Allison:

ADVANCED Hangout Tips:
Programs that allow 2 simultaneous videos to be shared of computer desktop & person (e.g., for teaching tutorials) are ManyCam for Windows, ScreenFlow or CamTwist for Mac, and WebCamStudio for Linux:
How to Connect Multiple Hangout Sessions to increase user capacity by Mohamed Mansour:

WAYS TO FIND G+ PEOPLE, NEWS, and STATS: (More detailed overview here:

GPlusSearch by Rich Knight. Search G+ posts, G+ profiles, Buzz, & Google Reader for specific content:
Social Statistics - Top People and Most Popular Posts by Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten:
FindPeopleOnPlus Directory searchable by demographic information:
GPeep People Search by region, country, job, and other tags:
Unofficial Google+ Recommended Users - Discover people to follow: - Find popular people grouped by interest:
Women of G+ founded by Lynette Young:
Google+ Counter Hall of Fame and Top Followed by Ralf Rottmann: or
G+ Top Users & Pluserati News by AllTop:
Unofficial Google+ Blog with G+ News & Tips:
Plus Weekly News:
G+ Insider Guide by Wonder How To:
Circle Count features Top 100 G+ users, an A-Z directory (> 2 million profiles), world map, and G+ stats:
FindYourPlus is another A-Z directory to meet people from around the world:
Google Plus Toolbox:
Google+ Plusalyzer - Analytics by BuzzRank (alpha stage):


Share This Circle is a repository for sharing lists of G+ people by Daniele Zanni:
PlusOnes list of employees at Google (updated from Craig Kanalley's list), IBM, Dell, & Foursquare:
List of Google Community Managers (not just G+) provided by Natalie Villalobos:
Facebook Employees list compiled by Craig Kanalley:
Huffington Post Employees list compiled by Craig Kanalley:
Twitter Employees list compiled by David Eckoff:
80 Users Google+ Photographers Need to Follow by Jarek Klimek:
Huge List of Over 2,300 G+ Photographers:
Google Spreadsheet of Psychologists & Neuroscientists on G+:
Google Spreadsheet of hosts, employees, & fans of the TWiT community started by Chris Porter:
Google Spreadsheet of Science Writers on G+ started by Dr. Kiki Sanford:
List of Artists on Google+ by Jonathan Chandler:
List of Poets on Google+ by Susan Taylor Brown:
Cause+ Collection of People & Organizations Doing Good on G+:

EXTENSIONS & TOOLS: (More options can be found in Detailed Guides above)

Ten 3rd-party Google+ Profile Link Shorteners: , , , , , , , , (Spanish) ,
PlusYa G+ profile link shortener with analytics & tracking tools:
Unofficial Google+ User Feed by Russell Beattie:
Quick Hangouts provides a static list of available hangouts in the right-hand column instead of in the Stream:
Hangouts Auto Try Again by Mohamed Mansour automatically retries to enter a jam-packed hangout:
15 Chrome Extensions for Google+ by Blognotes:
Extensions+ Google Doc compiled by Mana Ionescu:
Google++ Extensions Golden View by Micah Wittman:
Exodus to G+ by Jack Carter & Albert Nichols:
How to Redirect Your Own Personal Domain to Your G+ Profile Page by Daniel Sandler (advanced tip):


Use the Send Feedback button in the lower right-hand corner of your browser.
Bookmarklet to include interactive elements & drop-down menus like the Share box in your feedback by Matthias Ernst:
Offical Known Issues Page for reporting problems or bugs:
Unofficial Feature Requests can be voted on here:
Ideas for Integrating G+ with Gmail can be sent to Manager of Gmail Development, Mark Striebeck:
How to Conduct a Poll on Google+ by Dain Binder:


21 Google+ Privacy Tips: The Ultimate Guide by Craig Kanalley:
6 Steps to Configuring Privacy infographic by ZoneAlarm:
Official Data Liberation Blog - Can export +1's from websites (+1's from the Stream and comments will be coming in the future):
How to Backup Google+ Data Using Takeout by Kim Sherrell:
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