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Posting to Multiple Social Networks

+Jessi June mentioned in her "Wired Wednesday" post ( something that many of us have experienced: we're on so many different social networks, but have so little time to manage them all!

So what do you do?

1. You could consolidate your efforts into a few social networks, but sometimes that isn't possible (e.g., you need to maintain different fan bases or increase the scope of your audience).

2. You could use Google+ and The latter covers 32 other social services (G+ not supported yet). Seesmic ( is another option that manages FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts all in one place. Alternatively, HootSuite ( and TweetDeck ( combine Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, MySpace, Foursquare, and others. Seesmic, HootSuite, and TweetDeck all work with mobile phones, too. With PlusBounce ( you can choose which updates go to your Twitter, FB, or LinkedIn contacts automatically.

3. You could use "If this then that" (, which is very versatile and performs actions for specific tasks based on certain conditions (called "triggers"). You can setup "channels" to specify triggers and actions for G+, FB, Twitter--the possibilities are virtually endless.

4. You could install Chrome extensions in your internet browser that let you specifically post to and from Google+ to a limited number of other mainstream social networks (see below).

Keep in mind that using 3rd-party services means they may become outdated and lose functionality at any time, and you have to trust them with your passwords to other sites.

I have not tried all of the extensions listed below and cannot vouch for their reliability, safety, or usability. However, if you have used any of these extensions before, have a favorite one in mind, or find that any of these no longer work, please let everyone know in the comments below.

Cross-posting the same identical content to multiple social networks is not ideal, especially if your target audience varies between each one. That being said, I'm not one to dictate your social media experience, so do whatever works best for you. If anything, it can help prevent you from having to repeatedly navigate to and sign into multiple websites.

Extensions that post both to and from Google+

Publish Sync ( supports multi-directional posting between G+, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Plurk, and others.
G++ ( provides FB and Twitter feeds in your G+ Stream; allows you to like, comment, and post to FB; Tweet and re-tweet from G+.

Extensions that post one-way from Google+ to other networks

Extended Share for Google+ ( can post to FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr,, Posterous, Reddit,, Digg, Blogger, and more!
Share+ Social Buttons for Google+ ( can post to FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Blogger, and more.
Syyncc ( allows you to post in G+ and have that post copy to FB and WordPress. Comments are also copied to those other networks.
Start Google Plus ( pulls FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, and RSS feeds into your G+ Stream and automatically copies posts in G+ to FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
Gooce+ ( provides a separate menu button in G+ to import your FB feed and allows you to post to FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
GPlusLabs ( lets you post to FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn by posting to unique email addresses associated with specific circles in G+.
Facebook for Google+ ( pulls your FB feed into G+; allows you to like, comment, and update FB statuses within G+.

Google+ to Twitter only

Google+Tweet ( is a full Twitter client for G+
G+ Twitter for Google Plus ( allows you to tweet from G+ with auto-shortening link support; share friend's G+ posts to Twitter; view conversations; track keywords/tags; follow/unfollow people via hovercard button.
Manage Flitter ( automatically shares G+ posts to Twitter
PlusTo ( automatically sends posts with specially designated hashtags to Twitter.

Related: A list of other Google+ Chrome extensions can be found here:
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I use both publish sync and G++ because I'm the captain of the redundant redundancy department.

Both are great.
+Eric Lortie Ah, I was wondering who ran that department. I'm head of the repetitively redundant department of repetition.... again.

+Loc Tran Good point. Yep, most shares need to be posted publicly in order to port them to other networks.
You forgot Plussist which automatically sends G+ updates to facebook and twitter. (Though mine have stopped today for some reason)
Excellent post, this situation not only what people experience a lot of popularity and many fans, also ordinary people like me who started to experiment with various social networks. For now I prefer to go through the web browser because sometimes you do not have total certainty or accessing security through extensions, but the choices you give are very interesting, some did not know :)
+Randall Hirsch I actually purposefully left out Plusist because I couldn't get it to work and didn't know if it was reliable...
+Johnathan Chung I have been using it for about 2 weeks and it was great, but just today it stopped. Their google+ page mentioned something about updating their servers, which is never good. But it is the only extension so far that I know of that doesn't require you to do anything.
Any Firefox extensions that'll share my Google+ extensions on Facebook & Twitter? I've tried ifttt but it doesn't support Google+ as a channel yet, unfortunately.
This is such a great help...thanks!
+Eric Lortie I also use Publish Sync for getting G+ to FB, which also supports Fan Pages and Groups.
+Karl Craven The following services also have a Firefox extension:

PublishSync (
G++ (
SGPlus (
Gooce+ (

Probably several others too. To check if the other extensions have Firefox capability, once you open up the Chrome Web Store page, you can click on "Details", then "Website". That should bring you to the developers' websites where they will list which browsers it works for.
One word, one site: Diaspora- the future of social networking.
well that was informative and the best article of using the social networking in a much better way
+Johnathan Chung Thanks for the suggestions. I went to download the gplusplus add-on for Firefox but couldn't actually find the download link anywhere on the download page... Then I tried to install the sgplus add-on but it just opened up a page of garbled text instead of installing/downloading. I'll keep trying.
Up until Google+ I've been very satisfied with my TweetDeck experience that gives me the flexibility from one place to post the same content to my networks OR different content to each network. I thought it would be inconvenient to have to utilize more than one app/service. However, I'm finding that this is not the case. I have found that G+ provides a much richer and elegant social networking experience than simple updates that I don't mind not having one app/service to rule them all. Just my thoughts... for now.
Has anyone found one of these extension that let you pick pages on FB and Google? I doubt the google pages being as new as it is but it would be nice to post to a FB page when posting to google.
I wrote this to cross thread from G+ Desktop or G+ Mobile to Twitter/Facebook by simply posting to your public circle. The issue I have is lack of control. I want to post more things to public but not cross threaded to Twitter or Facebook. I would like to be able to post from G+ Mobile and have things I select to be cross threaded to Twiiter and/or Facebook. I also don't want to have to add hashtags making the post look silly to be cross threaded over such as PlusTo requires. Does anyone know of anything?
+Nathalie AGENCE REV'IMMO plusfeed is still working for me? The issue I have is I want to have more control over what gets cross fed over to Twitter/Facebook using G+ Mobile...

They are grandfathering in plusfeed users but plusfeed is not taking on new feeds...
I take a much different approach, because I'm trying to encourage my Facebook friends and family to try Google+. No extension is necessary either.

I post on G+, then right-click the time stamp at the top of the post and copy the link. Then paste the link in FB and it pulls in a thumbnail and excerpt from the post. If someone clicks it, it takes them to the G+ post.

If that was confusing, check out my post for screenshots. It's actually very easy.
Digsby is also good as it helps to maintain with facebook, email & chat status messages, twitter and linkedin.
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I just love these types of posts. Thank you for it
Unfortunately none work for G+ Mobile for which a lot of people use including myself. Looks like I am stuck w/ my method and will not be able to post to public unless I want it cross thread to other social sites =(
+Greg Gunn Excellent! Thanks for the update, Greg. I think people have been waiting for something like this for a while. I saw your comment about it rolling out to all your clients over the next several weeks. Is that just for brand pages, or personal accounts too?
What about Mobile +Greg Gunn ? I use my Android more then I do desktop for social media stuff.
Wow, thanks for the great post. This really brings together a lot of options for managing Social Networking sites!
Cool David, I'll check that out.
Great round up of options, thanks for this.
Very useful post +Johnathan Chung that has also initiated lots of additional views and leads to follow up.Thank you
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