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Is Inkscape the best open source vector editing program for Windows?

(I think that's my last question, for now :) )

Is a legitimate site, or is it filling with spyware/trojans? I ask b/c I am looking for old Windows software (CoolEdit 2000) that I used to have as shareware, and they apparently it.

Am I the only person who thinks that the free version of Paint Shop Pro was better than GIMP is (at least for Windows)?

Or is my nostalgia clouding my memory?

I use Firebug to get the large sizes of photos from Facebook. Is there an easier way? (Other than just taking a screenshot of your own screen, of course.)

PHP is as good a language as you make it to be.

I think I just hit on the best split: Plus for tech stuff, Facebook for personal stuff, Twitter for stuff that would offend most of my friends (like political commentary).

I'm not a Real Programmer - I eat quiche.

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It's been said many times before, and (unfortunately) will probably be said many times again, but we need to end agribusiness subsidies. Strange how many of the advocates of free-market capitalism are blind to this tremendous market distortion:

I'm not a huge fan of innovative computer user interfaces. If you know the shell, it's still the fastest way to complete most tasks.

For me, Plus has replaced Twitter, not Facebook.
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