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School Days!
Sooo… September with
new beginnings but also a return to schools and universities for the younger
ones. This month will always be linked to school days and I am here to show you
a fresh and ideal outfit for them. What can be better than a floral 90’s dress ...

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New Season - New Clothes!
Hey again! Long time
no see! So much have happened lately that I was unable to update the blog as
before! I am going to tell you all about it, or rather show you and you will
understand! Not now though, all in due time! I am back for good
and today I want t...

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The Grey Outfit!
Here we are girls again this rainy Sunday,
(maybe I should make Sunday posts a recurring thing… we’ll see) with a very
loved outfit and style that can be worn at all hours! It’s an outfit based on a
single color – in this instance grey, which I especially l...

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Vintage in the city!
Hey girls! I am back
today with a fresh new post (see… much sooner than last time… 😉 ) which brings along a breeze from the past!
As you are about to see on the pictures, today’s outfit is inspired by the 50’s
and the idol of the era, Marilyn Monroe, but c...

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The Yellow Dress!
everyone! Here I am after quite some time… it has been a quite busy period,
what more could I say! I need to find a way to be more punctual… Anyway… to the
point! Which is none other than the absolute spring (and summer which is around
the corner) color...

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Cool enough for Spring?
Hello again my pretty gals after quite some time! It took me some time but I am back with a very dynamic outfit for the coolest spring occasions! The recipe is simple: a unique and impressive T-shirt as mine from  DirtyVelvet , mom jeans combined with fishn...

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The black jumpsuit!
If they told me I had
to buy just one piece of clothing and tread on with that, then I would surely
pick a black jumpsuit ! Why? Because it matches with everything, features both
upper and bottom parts in one and gets you out of the tight spot of choosing

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The Grey Fluffy Purse!
Greetings! Here we are again with a brand new post, with an
outfit which can be worn day or night and the best furry bag you have ever
seen!  Let’s start from the beginning though! Let’s say we want to go for a
drink after work , early in the evening and we...
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