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I live on a ranch in deep south TX. It really yanks my chain but the school system in Edinburg,TX. (the nearest town to my ranch), does not consider this day as a NATIONAL HOLIDAY---I am a U.S. Navy Vet. and I don't consider that the school board there as quite bright. I spend my Memorial Day Holiday at the Cemitary with my family stoping by each and every Veteran's grave and thanking them and telling them that we will never forget them. It may sound silly but as for me and my family if someone dies for us we OWE THEM!

Thank you Michael Turner!
+William C. Deason That is a shame that a school system is that calloused to their veterans and the surviving families off that veteran..
Belated thanks to you and yours for your service to this country .. Will write a suggestion to this school district for next year What is the name of that particular district --- also you might write the VFW to get some answers and support
+Robert Brumbelow That is an excuse that is not even an excuse .
If it wasn't for these veterans there would be no school... Paying tribute to veterans is a privilege that we all should participate in especially on Veterans Day --- So their excuse is elephant droppings
The unpatriotic "so called" public servants have named it the "Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District" or "Edinburg C.I.S.D. The address for this place is;Edinburg C.I.S.D
411 N. 8th Ave.
Edinburg, TX.78541 (phone number upon expanding comment)
(956) 289-2300
And Robert, yes it is the last week of school for the year but it was the last breath of life for our dead veterans and a deep abiding loss not only for this country but for the families and friends of those who lost their lives,... one day added to a school year is nothing compared to the lesson that future generations will learn about how we esteem the sacrafice for our rights and freedoms in Americia.
lol, Yeah Robert, I know but the post was a public post about veterans and that isn't local it is National and about the moral decline of Americia by people WE elected to office in the school board. Robert, I'm not mad at you I salute you for standing up and pointing out how ridiculous the excuse is compared to what is at stake for future generations of Americans. Did you know that Memorial Day began in 1868 but was not celebrated by the southern states on the same day of the year untill after WW 1 ! The former "Confederate States refused to celebrate that day of rememberance for All veterans until then. It is all about truth and Our country and that one to me can never be viewed as a local issue. We must always stand as one for our country and her people to survive as a nation.
Good one bro! I just finished checking it out. Sean Hanity was talking about it yesterday on his show. I was surprised to find out that it took so long for the country to heal after the civil war. Up until the age of 13 I was raised in Scotland so when I came to the States I was amazed at how much freedom there is in Americia. Sadly many Americans don't really know how truly free "we" as American citizens are. I have been here for over 50 years and became a U.S. citizen in the late 60s it is one of the things I am most proud of.
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