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We build awesomely good websites for small businesses.
We build awesomely good websites for small businesses.

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A lot of business owners have no idea what to even consider when planning a new website.  Here's some tips for SBOs.

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What are dynamic websites and why do they matter to your business?

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Are you on top of your mobile marketing?

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Live in Idaho and love great golf?  Check out #terracelakes  golf course's new website - built with love by +Simple CMS Design. This site features a great #responsivedesign , reservations, tournament schedules, course maps and so much more.

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We've launched our new Responsive Design website.  Check it out!  This one looks stupendous! #responsivewebdesign   #joomladevelopment   #boise  

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Simple CMS has launched another great #website  for a local #Boise  automotive repair company called AAA Automotive.  Tim and his crew are great guys and do wonderful work (I know from experience).  Check out their new site and what Simple CMS did for their online marketing.

We are wondering if there are any G+ #webdesigners  out there that would be interested in a challenge.  That challenge being:
A Web Design Race
1. Start with a completely blank slate on a development server (must be online, no private or localhost only).
2. Build a "home page" for a small business marketing website.
3. Page must have a content block of 350 words (Lipsum is fine)
4. Page must have the following elements: banner rotator, 8 item menu, Google Maps, & bogus contact info
5. There would be two contest metrics for winning: 1. Speed.  2. Quality (we'd have to vote on that).
6. We would do it via a G+ Hangout and broadcast the whole thing on Youtube (thus 10 minutes is our mark for completion).

What do you guys out there think?   #webdesign   #contests  

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Our latest article on #websitedesign  could save your business a world of headaches and missed profits.  Take a look, comment, and share! #smallbusinessmarketing   #boisebusinesses  

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+Justin Throngard and +Sam Heflin from +Simple CMS Design will be attending the StartupWeekend Idaho on October 26th to the 28th.  This event is a great way for your business to pitch to investors and idea makers to help you get started.  We'll be there offering our expertise on #webdesign   and #onlinemarketing . So if you want to get help for your business or offer help to other entrepreneurs, this is a great place to do it.   #startupweekend   

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Interested in what a great home and business security company website looks like?  Check this out.  It's our latest #webdesign  for a Boise based business.  This one is for Infiniti Security.
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