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Yo! OoO
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Ummmm So I don't know what to do here anymore soooooo ummmmm
Like yeah
Have a #wip that I'm working on
Its suppose to be me and my #pokemon team
#art #myart 

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I doubt anyone will see this
But hi
I'm not dead :3c

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Totes back! I love that I got to change my name!!! But I'm back and i'm pretty sure no one really remembers me! xDD

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Pats +Hey Its Evo​'s head
Such a good puppi Dogg!
How has puppy been????

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Hey guys. Mya here and like my community a mod banned everyone and I had to restart. and I'd love it if you joined!

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Hello! Sorry about the crappy picture but I'm trading these all off! I will name and list the level of the Pokemon because my camera is crap!
Pikachu: Level 11
Golem: Level 36
Litwick: Level 38
Tentacool: Level 25
Pelipper: Level 25
Gloom: Level 22
Magikarp: Level 25
Nuzleaf: Level 18
Ninjask: Level 28
Tynamo: Level 38
Cranidos: Level 1
Wailord: Level 42
Shedinja: Level 20
Bagon: Level 1
Larvitar: Level 1
Gyarados: Level 26
Altaria: Level 42
Omanyte: Level 1
Beldum: Level 1
Gible: Level 1
Pawniard: Level 1
Combusken: Level 21
Riolu: Level 1
Jolteon: Level 1
Octillery: Level 37
Ditto: Level 48
Zorua: Level 1
Pidgey: Level 3
Dedenne: Level 1
Also I'm currently trading off Chimchars that are level 1. Again I'm still breeding for a shiny so I won't really run out of Chimchars soon.
Wow, that was a lot of typing
But this is a first come first serve, sorry about how some are pretty common, I was trying to fill the Dex, Please try to trade for for some of the higher levels but for the Pokemon that are under level 25 I don't mind what you trade me it could be anything for this levels.
Please state what you want in the comments along with your friend code so we may trade.
FC: 4270-3250-9457
_IGN: Kitty_

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I'm trading off these Chimchars..If your interested in one let me know.
I'm breeding them to get a shiny so there's gonna be a lot more!
FC: 4270-3250-9457
Ign: Kitty
Remember I have to have your FC too

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Originally posted by "not-so-honest" on tumblr (i think)
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