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There MUST be reasons for this. Read this to find them.
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If you are truly worried about where our economy is headed, please take the time to watch this. I don't know if it's right or not, but it sure sounds like it to me. This is 45 minutes long, but if you want to protect yourself, take a look at it and get back to me with your thoughts at
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Houston, we have a problem...
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Are you dissatisfied with the returns you're getting on your retirement funds?
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Hello everyone! A little about myself...I moved here almost two years ago after living my entire 61 years in the same small town in northeast Ohio and spending 37 years in the real estate industry. My wife is a retired teacher and administrator and we have two grown sons who are 33 and 29 years old.

A little about my business...I am a real estate investor and educator. I teach people the various ways to invest in real estate intelligently and as safely as possible, and I am part of an investment community here in south Florida called Renatus. We work together, learn and earn together and partner together on real estate deals. We are always looking for business partners to work with and to show the power of real estate as a wealth-building investment.

If you have a successful business and/or have always been interested in real estate but didn't know where to start or were afraid of the risk involved, you owe it to yourself to at least have a conversation with me. This is the best concept I've seen in real estate in my entire career, no one else does it in this manner and most people don't even know it exists. This is a great way to augment your current business no matter what that may be. I look forward to meeting a group of like-minded, entrepreneurial individuals.

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Thought you might be interested in this as a way to market your project.

                                  Belize video showing you different areas to live in Belize if you are looking to move !!                                                
                                     THE PERFECT WINTER GETAWAY
                                              FOR SALE BY OWNER

29.5 acres of prime HIGH land for development, suitable for Hotel, residential development, commercial warehousing etc. Western suburb of Belize City at 13.5 miles and adjacent the now George Price Highway on the left side heading west from Belize City toward Guatemala, only 8 miles from the Caribbean sea at "Old Belize Resort AND MARINA". Public transportation galore. Extremely quiet neighborhood, 1 mile east of the famed "Tropical Park" & "Orchid Garden Eco-Village Hotel"  490 feet of George Price highway frontage to the North and 490 feet Hector Creek lagoon frontage in the rear South. A 50 feet wide 10 feet deep man  made pond with fresh water spring and a 40 feet deep, 6" PVC piped well with brackish water adjacent to the pond suitable for swimming pool or bathroom or even laundry use is situated on the front and center third of the property. Electricity and municipal water already hooked up and paid through June 2013. Taxes are paid through 2020. Telephone and internet readily available in the area, Western suburb of Belize City, a Jewel in the Caribbean !!! Email firm interests to: paste in your browser's address bar )

Click BELIZE video:

Click below & ENLARGE map to show exact geographic location of BELIZE:

Belize Property and Land Prices Rising !!! Bordered by Mexico on the north, the Caribbean on the east and Guatemala on the west and south, Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America. Formerly known as British Honduras, it gained independence from Britain 32 years ago, long after its mahogany forests were denuded of timber for English sailing ships. Its people are descendants of African slaves, Mayan natives and Spanish, with a sprinkling of Brit ex-pats and Chinese.

For sale: 29.5 ACRES Lets talk 

Timing is everything! Right now, Belize is the fastest growing tourist port in the Caribbean, but the upsurge in tourism is also causing property and land prices to rise steadily. Local Real Estate experts say that property and land in Belize are increasing at about 15% annually and as much as 30% near or along the coast.

If you have decided to purchase property in Belize, or are thinking about it. You'll be joining thousands of people who have realized that property ownership in Belize offers a number of benefits including land equity, investing for the future, and creating a slow-paced, easy going life-style for you and your family. When you purchase land in Belize, your hard-earned dollars will prove to be money well spent. At the rate land in Belize is appreciating your property will increase in value faster then any Real Estate investment you can make in the U.S... The equity your investment in Belize property or land earns - is yours!!!

Tax Climate
A key consideration for a direct investment or development opportunity in Belize is the country's tax climate. Belize has long been regarded as one of the T-7 Tax Havens and it is for this very reason that it is such an attractive option for investors. With the US in economic downturn many investors are looking to internationalize their finances and their portfolios for both tax and asset protection reasons. Belize offers a legitimate path to investors seeking to cover both of these bases.

Qualified Retirement Program (QRP)
From a sales perspective to prospective off-shore buyers, The Qualified Retirement Program (QRP) is a key marketing strategy that needs to be incorporated. Qualification is easy and relatively inexpensive.
Income on local employment by foreign residents is taxed at 25%--however, the first $10,000 annually is exempt. You would need to live in Belize at least 183 days or more in a calendar year to qualify as a resident. Non-residents would not be entitled to the exemption, but there are still excellent ways to earn money tax-free.

Foreign earned income is exempt from personal and business taxes. Income can also be earned tax-free while residing in Belize simply by having your own Belize International Business Company (IBC). Pension income is also exempt from income tax, making Belize financially attractive in many ways for expatriates from North America and elsewhere.

Belize FAQs

Land Size: 8,860 square miles (22,966 square kilometers)

Coastline: 386km

Location: 961 Miles from Houston to Belize City

Language: English

Population: 333,200 (2010 est)

Capital: Belmopan

Legal System: English Common Law

Currency: Belizean Dollar (US Dollar = BZ$2)

Inflation: 0.9% (2010 est)

Unemployment Rate: 13.1%

National Income:
GDP (PPP): $2.65 Billion (2010 est)
GDP per capita: $8,400 (2010 est)
GDP composition: 58.2% Services (Tourism makes up 18%)
21.6% Agriculture
20.2% Industry

Main Industries: Garment production, food processing, tourism, construction, oil

Import Commodities: Machinery and transport equipment, manufactured goods; fuels, chemicals, pharmaceuticals; food, beverages, tobacco

Export Commodities: Sugar, bananas, citrus, clothing, fish products, molasses, wood, crude oil

Tourism Arrivals:
Overnight Arrivals: 245,026
Cruise Ship Arrivals: 597,370
Belize property prices are lower than the more established Caribbean destinations. You’ll find smaller, boutique style real estate developments as opposed to the larger destination resorts underway in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. An emerging world-class tourist destination with strong vacation potential. A benefit laden “Qualified Retirement Program” A developing infrastructure, especially around tourist areas. Friendly tax and banking jurisdiction. Most attractive: 1 US$ = 2 BZ$

Types of property ownership

Title to property in Belize can be held in three different ways; (1) Deed of Conveyance; (2) Transfer Certificate of Title and (3) Land Certificate.
A Deed of Conveyance originates from the British colonial days and is a registered instrument of ownership. A Deed of Conveyance is a valid legal title once an attorney has confirmed that the seller has good title to the property. This form of ownership can be converted to a Certificate of Title via an application for first registration. Any subsequent buyer is issued a Transfer Certificate of Title. A Land Certificate is an absolute title and applies in new or specially designated areas. Under the Registered land Act of 1987, the government is converting all freehold land (held under Conveyance) to Land Certificate titles to achieve a uniform system as areas are being surveyed.

Belize often escapes the attention of North American travelers and real estate investors. Perhaps because it’s a tiny country, smaller than the state of Massachusetts with a population under 350,000. Or maybe it’s because the country doesn’t seem to know whether to market itself as Central American or Caribbean.
Belize is a member of the Commonwealth with a legal system based on British law and is the only Central American country adopting English as its first language. If direct flights to UK and the rest of Europe take off (the runway at Belize international airport has been expanded to allow this), more Europeans will sit up and take notice. Some Belize real estate promoters are already urging their clients to ‘buy before the Europeans get here’ and get a foothold at current prices.

For a tiny country Belize packs some punch !!!

The country packs a lot of punch within its small borders. First as a destination for dive enthusiasts attracted by the 260 km long barrier reef that runs along its entire coastline. The reef is the second largest in the world (after Australia) and accredited as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
But if you ever get bored of crystal clear jade waters, sparkling soft white sand and the rustle of palm leaves, you can always head to the mainland. Here you’ll find tropical forests teeming with wildlife, majestic mountains, rushing rivers and ancient Mayan temples. Belize prides itself on being the seat of Mayan civilization, with well-preserved archeological sites throughout the country, such as Lamanai and Xunantunich, which are easily accessible to tourists.
With these attractions, it’s not surprising that tourism numbers have risen steadily over the past decade. Already a stopping off point for Caribbean cruise ships, the World Travel & Tourism Council estimates the tourism and travel economy to contribute a massive 34.2% to Belize’s GDP in 2011 – a higher percentage than the other countries in Central America.
Unlike the steady march of branded resorts and hotels across more established parts of the Caribbean, the major hospitality chains have not yet made in-roads in Belize. But if you go to Belize, the rumors get louder every year.

The celebrity factor is also at play ever since Leonardo DiCaprio picked up a 104-acre island complete with an airstrip, Francis Ford Coppola's resort in the Mountain Pine Ridge etc.

The Government continues to make efforts to welcome foreign investment to Belize. There’s robust residency and retirement packages with numerous tax advantages (although income requirements are higher than other countries), and the Government is developing the infrastructure around the main hot spots.
Belize is also well known as a banking haven. Its strict banking privacy laws and high liquidity requirements do much to support its standing. The economy is also doing well with growth rates averaging around 6% in recent years, despite the global downturn. And indications are that the discovery of the world's most desirably quality oil in Cayo district will boost the country's GDP considerably
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