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Why won't my power windows work? When power windows don't work it is tough to go through that cash lane at the turnpike booth or the drive up at the bank.
Many times the Power Window Repair is as simple as replacing a control switch. Other possibilities can be a window motor and/or window regulator.
If you have any of these issues, feel free to give us a call to have us take a look .
#power window repair #power windows #window regulators

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I tow a trailer with my truck. Do I need any extra service on my vehicle?
Towing a vehicle is by most vehicle manufacturers, classified as severe service.
So preventive maintenance is critical to help prevent breakdowns.
The lubricants and fluids in your vehicle are the lifeblood to that engine and drive line.
Always check fluids, tire pressures, lights, brakes and mirrors before starting any trip.
The transmission and differentials have tremendous strain and pressure with heavy loads. Be sure your drive line fluids are changed and serviced at regular intervals to prevent extra wear and tear on those parts.
Tis' the season to go camping and have fun, but like any good boy scout, be prepared.
#be prepared #towing a camper #towing maintenance

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Why does my car ac smell musty? The ac in your car takes the moisture out of the incoming air and cools it. Some of the moisture in the drip pan doesn't always drain completely out on the ground.
This moisture will eventually turn into a science project growing mold and mildew. And this boys and girls will cause that funky odor coming from your ac vents.
A good disinfectant or BG Frigi Fresh will kill the spores and make that odor go away. Stop in to have your Auto Air Conditioning Service and will will make those vents have no odor at all.
#bg frigi fresh #auto air conditioning near me #car ac repair

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Where can I get my Cars Air conditioning repaired near me? Autocamp Tire and Auto Service is located very close to the Capital City Mall in Camp Hill Pa.
We Service and Repair Automotive Air Conditioning on both Import Cars and Light Trucks.
If your air conditioning is not cool enough or hot air is coming from your dash vents, you will want to see us.
#auto air conditioning #lots of hot air #air conditioning repair

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I just moved to Pennsylvania from another state. What do I need to get my Pennsylvania Registration? Along with your out of state registration and insurance information, you will need a form called an MV-41. You will be asked to get a tracing of the VIN number from the vehicle you want to transfer. Good luck with that!!! The VIN number is between the dash and the windshield.
This is where the MV-41 comes up big. Stop in to see us with the associated vehicle and we will provide the MV-41 form along with the proper signatures once we verify the Vehicle Identification Number. Then you are off to Penn Dot.
#pa state inspection #pa emission station #state inspection station

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What do I need for Pa State Inspection? A current and valid Pa Registration Card and Current Insurance Information for your Vehicle is required to perform the Annual Pa Inspections on your car, light truck or trailer.
All of the necessary safety items are checked such as Brakes, Tires, Horn, Lights , Seat Belts and an array of other safety items are checked to be sure everything is in proper working order.
For a Pa State Inspection and Certified Pa Emission Inspection, give us a call to schedule an appointment. 717-761-881.
#Pa State Inspection # PA Emission Testing #State Inspection in Camp Hill

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Where ca I get my Nissan serviced or repaired near Camp Hill?
At Autocamp Tire and Auto Service we Service and Repair Nissan's for our customers on a regular basis. Our Professional Mechanics have the latest equipment and training to service most make of cars and light trucks.
From any automotive repair to regularly Scheduled Factory Maintenance on Your Nissan, we will take good care of you and your family.
#Nissan repair #Nissan service #import car repair

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Can you repair the sidewall of a tire? No. Do not repair a hole in the sidewall of a passenger car or light truck tire. The only safe area on a tire to repair is more or less the center area of the tread.
Any attempt at a sidewall repair will usually result at best, another flat tire, or worst case scenario could result in an accident and liability from that accident.
The small cost of a tire is not worth the safety risk to you or anyone around you.
Replace the tire. #tire safety #safe tires #tire dealer near me


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Why do I have cracks in my tires? There are a lot of reasons that tires crack. Damaging uv rays from the sun, scuffing against curbs, chemicals on the road in the winter, ozone and yes even tires that aren't used much can have cracking in the sidewalls and the tread.
Many times these cracks are superficial and not cause for alarm.
However, anytime you see cracks, cuts, a bubble , bruise or anything unusual, please have it checked by a tire professional.
We want you to be as safe as possible for your entire driving career.
Autocamp Tire and Auto Service...keeping you and your car safe for over 31 years.
#tire safety #tire professionals #cracks in my tires

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I have the spark plugs and other parts for my car. How much will you charge me to install my parts? I'm sorry we don't install someone else's parts on our customers vehicles.
We guarantee our parts and our work for 3 years or 36,000 miles. When we have no control over the quality of the parts there is no way we can guarantee that work. If we get a wrong part or a defective part, that is on us. If you bring us a wrong or defective part, who gets to pay for the time your car is on our lift until is gets the correct part?
And worse yet...if anything happens to the car down the road, it is always the fault of whomever touched it last, whether it is or it isn't. I refuse to put myself or my customers in that position.
If you ever have a problem or concern with any automotive repair or service that we perform, I want to know about it so that we may fix it at out cost. We guarantee everything that goes out our door!
#3 year 36,000 mile warranty #professional mechanics #auto repair

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